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Crazy Breastfeeding: Chinese woman breastfeeds on moped


Women often get “in trouble” for breastfeeding in public places.  Mothers are busy people.  I’ve been known to whip out the boob anywhere and anytime my child needed it.  You may have breastfed in some strange situations, places, or positions, but I bet you never tried this!

I was tempted to breastfeed while driving before, but I recognized the compromised safety such practice would entail, so I would always take to them to pull over to the side of the road. If someone else was driving, I was known to crawl into the backseat and lay across the seat to breastfeed so we could keep on truckin….that’s nothing compared to the Chinese woman pictured above.

SF Gate reports:

And now an unnamed woman in Yuzhou, China, was caught on camera and by the police breast-feeding her baby while driving.

This mom’s situation is even more extreme because she wasn’t behind the wheel of a car. She was allegedly weaving through traffic on a moped when her 18-month-old son started fussing and she pulled up her shirt to feed him, the Huffington Post reported. Adding to the dangerous scenario, neither mother or child were wearing helmets.

The woman was stopped by police and simply scolded (not even slapped with a fee) for her actions, according to Geobeats. “She was risking her life, her son’s life and the lives of all other road users,” a law enforcement spokesperson told Geobeats. “We told her that if she carried on we would confiscate her bike.”

 I support breastfeeding, but it must be done safely for both mother and child. Maybe there is something cultural here I do not understand.
 What I can’t figure out is where was the baby before she started breastfeeding.  Was he/she already in her lap or being worn?   It seems like the baby may have been in an unsafe place before the breastfeeding ever began.


  1. In my opinion, any parent (whether they’re in a car or moped) that chooses to breastfeed her child in a moving vehicle is putting herself and child at risk. Whether one or the other is the lesser of two evils is inconsequential. Both scenarios are dangerous. End of story.

  2. This is hilarious but truly dangerous. I couldn’t imagine doing that to my baby. Definitely, only in China! That’s the craziest breastfeeding scene I’ve ever seen.

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