Natural Beauty: Weleda’s soothing almond facial oil is organic and effective

Your skin is perfectly supple and smooth by essential fatty acids in organic sweet almond oil

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Remember Fukushima? Children Thyroid Cancer 40 Times Normal

Do we really need to split an atom to make toast?

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Homeopathic mosquito repellent pills

MOZI-Q: First-Ever Homeopathic Mosquito Repellant Pill

It works on other bugs aside from mosquitoes like ticks and head lice.

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Don’t feel guilty

Don’t feel guilty. If you’re going to save it, save it cause you love it. Gary Snyder

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Everyone Face_options_r2-02

EO Products: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, tone, remove

cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free, non-GMO verification pending

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Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

Healthy mom, healthy baby, healthy process

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Human Babies Should Not Sleep Alone

In Japan where co-sleeping and breastfeeding is the cultural norm, rates of the sudden infant death syndrome are the lowest in the world

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Family Word Game Speedeebee Builds Brains

We plant two trees for every tree used to create our wooden products and game cards.

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wireless radiation interferes with normal brain development during gestation

Are you pregnant? Do you use a cell phone?

Wireless radiation interferes with normal brain development during gestation

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Herbal Remedies: Rootology Breath Free Nasal, Sinus, & Eye Health

Xanthium fruit has been used by Eastern herbalists for thousands of years

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Do you suffer from hormonal imbalance issues like hypothyroidism & adrenal fatigue?

Hotze Health & Wellness Center treats hormonal imbalances naturally

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First Cold Press 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain by Iberia

Utilizing a first cold-press technique, each olive is carefully harvested and pressed within twenty-four hours.

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zoë b organic Sleepy Hat and BPA-free Fantastic Bowls and Plates

Our bioplastic comes from corn grown here in the USA, a renewable resource.

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Fun and fashionable diaper bags by House of Botori

Comes equipped with a handy changing pad, PEVA insulated eco-friendly bottle holder and a pacifier pouch.

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