Tritan is scarier than BPA

Buyer Beware: BPA-free Take n’ Shake Sippy contains scary Tritan

The model suggested that one of Tritan’s ingredients—triphenyl phosphate, or TPP—was more estrogenic than BPA.

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Older Mothers Live Longer

Women who had a baby after turning 40 were four times more likely to live to 100

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Baby Products: Levana Keera Digital Baby Video Monitor

The Keera monitor has the ability to record video and take pictures of your little one while viewing the live performance from your monitor.

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Eco-Friendly Clothing: Unique Organic T-Shirts at

From the latest pop culture phenomenons and political scandals

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Fertility issues? Got a smartphone in your pocket?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) lowers sperm motility and viability

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Healthy Snacking: All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Raw Nubbler

5 simple ingredients | vegan | raw | gluten-free | nothing artificial.

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Natural Beauty: Weleda’s soothing almond facial oil is organic and effective

Your skin is perfectly supple and smooth by essential fatty acids in organic sweet almond oil

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Remember Fukushima? Children Thyroid Cancer 40 Times Normal

Do we really need to split an atom to make toast?

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Homeopathic mosquito repellent pills

MOZI-Q: First-Ever Homeopathic Mosquito Repellant Pill

It works on other bugs aside from mosquitoes like ticks and head lice.

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Don’t feel guilty

Don’t feel guilty. If you’re going to save it, save it cause you love it. Gary Snyder

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EO Products: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, tone, remove

cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, polysorbate free, disodium EDTA free, sodium laureth/lauryl sulfate free, non-GMO verification pending

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Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

Midwives matter: for you, your family, your community. Find out why!

Healthy mom, healthy baby, healthy process

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Human Babies Should Not Sleep Alone

In Japan where co-sleeping and breastfeeding is the cultural norm, rates of the sudden infant death syndrome are the lowest in the world

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Family Word Game Speedeebee Builds Brains

We plant two trees for every tree used to create our wooden products and game cards.

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