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Soft Clothing Organic Seamless Underwear Perfect for Children with Sensory Issues

My son has sensory issues. He is not autistic, but he doesn’t like sticky things, like glue, on his fingers.  He is hesitant to try new things, detests lotion on his skin, and took years to warm up to clay and play doh.  Mud is no problem, and neither are his clothes, but for some children, clothing can be a sensory nightmare.

We’ve all experienced the annoying, scratchy tag on our clothes that begs to be cut off.  This is minor compared to what some children experience.  As published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, Tomcheck and Dunn write:

Overresponsivity to tactile input also has been reported in the literature (Baranek, Foster, & Berkson, 1997; Cesaroni & Garber, 1991; Grandin, 1995). In firsthand accounts, touch has been described as an intense feeling that can be overwhelming and confusing (Cesaroni & Garber, 1991). Grandin (1995) noted that certain clothing textures could make her extremely anxious, distracted, and fidgety. Children with higher levels of tactile hypersensitivity in one study also were more likely to display inflexible behaviors, repetitive verbalizations, visual stereotypies, and abnormal focused attention (Baranek et al., 1997).

Now imagine your underwear creating such feelings of extreme anxiety and distraction!  Thank good, Soft Clothing for All Children has an organic solution!

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