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Children’s Literature: Cougar Cub Tales: The Sneezy Wheezy Day

Cougar Cub Tales: The Sneezy Wheezy Day written and illustrated by Sharon Cramer is the tale of two sibling cougar cubs, one of which catches a cold. They visit various animals in search of cure. Eventually, it is rest and love from the sister cougar that gives the brother relief.

Brother Cougar Cub is ill. With the help of sister, they seek the advice of their well intentioned forest friends. The Grizzly Old Bear tells him, The reason you re warm is you have too much hair. Best if you trim it as short as you dare. But, could it be that SISTER finally discovers the best remedy? The Sneezy Wheezy Day is a wonderful tale that will delight and challenge your child, but it is the paintings that will capture you and your young readers! Make sure to have your child search for the small, hidden creature on each page!

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Children’s Music: The Endangerbles

I have high standards for children’s music, and well, frankly, The Endangerbles don’t make the cut. The message is sweet, for example, “Let’s make extinction extinct”, but the music is just not that aesthetically pleasing.

The Endangerbles’ goal is to be educational and fun.  Inspiring children to “respect and protect all the species of the world including each other” is the mission of The Endangerbles.  Its endearing cast of animal characters effectively entertain and educate children of all ages about the wonderful world of animals, specifically relating to those that are endangered, threatened or vulnerable.
The Endangerbles music CD features 10 original upbeat songs, all composed by Fred Bogert, the three-time Emmy-nominated musician-performer widely acclaimed for his musical contributions to the popular kids-based folk-rock duo Trout Fishing In America.