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The Black Barbie Doll: Multiculturalism or Token Gesture?

We are no fans of Barbie here on Eco Child’s Play.  From greenwashing to negatively affecting girls’ body image, almost no little girl in America grows up without this plastic doll.

She comes in many shades and styles now (and we all know Ken was gay).  I recently came across a post on Teaching Tolerance that reminded me of my own childhood experience with the Black Barbie Doll.

Black Barbie was introduced in 1980.  I was nine-years-old then, and the trip to the toy store for this doll is memorable for many reasons.  My sister and I were so excited to get the doll.  We drove in my mom’s MGB with the top down. Unfortunately, on the way home (dolls in hand), we were involved in a serious car accident.  No one was hurt, as I recall.  I think our Black Barbies survived.

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