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"Breast Milk Satisfies" Billboards Appear in Northern Ohio

Only 58.5% of Ohio’s mothers breastfeed; however, a new campaign aims to change that by advertising on billboards in the Cleveland  and Toledo area.  The ad consists of this cute little boy with breast milk dripping down his chin stating “Breast milk satisfies”, but is that really the best way to encourage moms to breastfeed?  Is satisfaction really going to make moms breastfeed more?

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High School Cancels Breastfeeding Demo

When you were in high school, were you in one of those classes where you had to carry around a fake “baby”? An egg or other food item? You and your partner would dress it and take turns caring for it through band or basketball practices. It was to teach us the responsibility it takes to have children.

Because that sack of flour in a basket did a really convincing impression of a screaming infant. Maybe a bit more realistic would have been helpful.

A Melbourne high school canceled a live breastfeeding demo for a life cycles class. Sarah Simmonds, a volunteer from the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s community education program, was to breastfeed her 4-month-old son in front of the class at Hume Central Secondary College in Broadmeadows.

But when she arrived, she was surprised to discover that the teens in the class didn’t have parental permission, so they couldn’t watch the breastfeeding demo.

Because–you know–we wouldn’t want to expose our teens to the indecency of natural infant food, straight from tap.


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