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The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Asks the NAEYC to Revise Position on Technology

The National Association for the Education (NAEYC) is the premier advocacy group for young children.  Their position statements and publications are used to influence policy both in private and public education.  In fact, I have used their recommendations to advocate that my own children not participate in standardized testing until the third grade (if at all).

It has been five years since the NAEYC has revised their technology position.  According to the revision draft:

The purpose of this position statement is to provide a framework to guide practice in the selection, use, integration, and evaluation of technology tools and screen media in early childhood settings serving children birth through age eight…

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Raising a Non-Material Girl (or Boy) in a Material World

piggy-bank.jpgIn response to the 5,000-message-a-day onslaught of advertising from all sides; online, onscreen and even on the school bus, financial consultant Nathan Dungan prescribes the “Share Save Spend” program to prevent materialism from taking hold of your kids.

The program is designed to help kids get resist advertising and understand the value of money and how to use it wisely. It works like this: children are given an allowance at age five and are required to save one quarter of the funds, share one quarter, and spend only half of the funds. The approach is based on research that shows people who understand how to save and share are generally happier and healthier. (More on the program and links after the jump.) [Read more…]