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Hershey’s Chocolate is Tainted with Child Labor

Two girls protesting child labour (by calling ...

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We don’t eat Hershey products largely because they are not organic. Once you have tasted a truly good, organic chocolate bar, Hershey’s doesn’t even taste good.

I did grow up on consuming Hershey’s, and I always dreamed of visiting Hershey, Pennsylvania with its kiss shaped lights.  Little did I know this childhood sweet is actually “tainted with child labor”.

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5 Top Green Parent Posts: Hershey & Child Labor, ADHD & Diet, Increased Sedentary Behavior Before Adolescence, Russian Baby Swinger, Evil Disney Princesses

1.  Natural Papa: Hershey’s Chocolate Changes Children’s Lives (but not the way you might think)

Hershey is the favorite chocolate brand in the U.S., with 42.5% of the market, but much of the cocoa used to produce their chocolate may very well have been produced with forced labor, human trafficking, and abusive child labor.

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Blog Action Day – Moms Supporting Child Labor At The Mall

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The Green Options Interview: Scott James, Founder of Fair Trade Sports

Fair Trade Sports FamilyScott James and his family founded Fair Trade Sports, a company providing premium quality sports balls stitched by adult workers, paid fair wages, and ensured healthy working conditions. Fair Trade Sports offers guilt-free soccer balls, rugby balls, volleyballs, and hip apparel. Scott and his family are devoted to helping at-risk children around the world. 100% of Fair Trade Sport’s after-tax profits go to children’s charities. Scott previously worked as director of marketing at Pura Vida Coffee, a sustainable, fair trade coffee, tea, and cocoa company. Fair Trade Sports helps Scott fulfill his mission to "Help others."

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