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Midway: You might not look at your trash the same way again

midwayChris Jordan does it again using his camera as an educational tool for social and environmental commentary on our times. Next time you throw something in the garbage, even if you think you are disposing of it properly, you might remember this film.

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Barbie Doll Art: 32,000 Boob Jobs a Month

1200710813.jpgI hate Barbie Dolls. These plastic, large breasted, out of proportion dolls create unrealistic images in children’s minds of a woman’s body. As Empowered Parents explains,

If she were alive, Barbie would be a woman standing 7 feet tall with a waistline of 18 inches and a bustling of 38-40. In fact, she would need to walk on all fours just to support her peculiar proportions. Yet media advertising, television and Hollywood would reinforce her message, influencing what would become the American ideal of beauty.

And what’s up with Ken being an eunuch?  Leave it to artists to find a creative use for Barbie and comment on this cultural icon. [Read more…]