11 Classic, Retro Toys

It can be challenging navigating all of the gift giving options for children.  Every year, new toys come out, but rarely do any of them become new classics.

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Open-Ended Play: The 5 Best Wood Building Toys

bamboo blocksYippeeee!  It’s summer vacation!  Now that my kids are home from school, they have had more time to play.  No matter their age, the traditional wooden building block toys are the ones that sustain play for hours and days.  Given their enthusiasm for building drum sets, houses, airplanes, spaceships, etc., I was inspired to write this list of the most popular wooden building block toys in our home that inspire open-ended, creative play.

1.  Contina Blocks

Contina blocks are similar to Kapla blocks, in that they are more like planks than standard unit blocks; however, Contina blocks are made from sustainable bamboo. These planks come in eight different natural colored finishes and can be combined to build many structures, given that you get 100 blocks in a set. You can stack them or line them up, and I am not sure if Eco Dad or my children had more fun when we first opened our Contina blocks.

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