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Eco-Mom Confessions: Are Violent Polyester Halloween Costumes OK?

Photo by Paul HigleyIt may be a polyester costume, but note the Terracycle bag!

It may be a polyester costume, but note the upcycled Terracycle bag!

It’s that time of year when my children are starting to plan their Halloween costumes. Every summer, I think this is the year I will do the right thing and make my child’s costume.  One thing leads to another, and we are back to school, putting in a winter garden and preserving food.

I have to admit, I often take the lazy road and buy my children (gasp!) polyester costumes.

From a geisha to Cleopatra, my daughter has had some unique costumes, although she didn’t really know what they were nor did I want to give her a full explanation.

When my children were younger, I was a much better parent when it came to Halloween. I am still a stickler for organic candy and chocolate, but I no longer insist upon natural fiber costumes.  Call me a hypocrite (I deserve it); call me lazy; call me cheap.  Despite my unnatural costumes, I still held firm to no violent costumes, that was until this year.

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Green Family Values: Silk, the Best Natural Fabric for Your Child's Imagination

With the explosion of toy recalls lately and information regarding the dangers of plastic toys, families are searching out safe, green toy alternatives. Previously, I wrote about Plan Toys rubber wood toys, which provide children with sustainably harvested toys; however, children need soft, cuddly play items, too. Silk scarves and dress-up clothes provide children with safe, natural toys that expand their imagination.

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