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26 US Crib Injuries a Day: Co-sleeping is Safer

Photo:  Attribution Some rights reserved by benklocekI trust myself as a mother co-sleeping than CSPC approved cribs

I trust myself as a mother co-sleeping more than CSPC approved cribs

Many opponents of the family bed and co-sleeping claim it is unsafe. It is true that injuries and tragic deaths have occurred when babies are placed in adult beds, but most of the time this is the fault of parents who do not remove bedding or practice safe co-sleeping practices.

In contrast,  cribs are responsible for tragic deaths, and drop-side cribs are now banned in the United States. USA Today reports:

Drop-side cribs make it easier to get babies in and out, but can also trap children, especially when the cribs have broken pieces or missing hardware.

In addition to at least 32 deaths in drop-side cribs, there were 14 deaths because of entrapment that could have been caused by a drop-side, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which issued the new crib standards.

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