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Green, Eco-Friendly Toys: Once Upon a Treehouse

Eco-friendly dollThe story behind Once Upon a Treehouse reminds me of my own childhood.  Started  by two sisters who recalled their childhood wooden dollhouse built by their grandfather, I recall the beautiful dollhouse my grandfather built for my sister, which I coveted.  Not many grandfathers today are building wooden dollhouses, so we need eco-friendly, fair trade committed companies like Once Upon a Treehouse to provide this classic toy for this generation.

We were sent a Petunia doll to play with:

  • Petunia wears her black hair braided with a pretty pink ribbon. She is dressed in pink leggings, floral tunic accented with a pink belt.
  • 4” high
  • All dolls are eco-friendly having cotton faces & hands, wool hair, wooden feet and heads stuffed with wool. No plastic is used.
  • All faces are hand painted, so no doll is exactly alike.
  • Recommended for 3+ yrs
  • Handmade in Latvia, Europe

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Eco-Friendly Toys: Kidsonroof MobileHome Combines the Love of Cardboard Boxes with Dramatic Play

One of my fondest childhood memories was playing with a brand new refrigerator box with our neighbors in the front yard.  This large box was a space ship, a school bus, a house, etc.  Parents know that kids love boxes, and sometimes these corrugated containers are more interesting than the toys they contain on birthdays and holidays.  Kidsonroof has combined children’s love of cardboard boxes with dramatic play to create the MobileHome.

The MobileHome is made from recycled cardboard, is biodegradable, five percent of profits are donated to UNICEF, and is made in China.  It has eight secret rooms and is easy to take with you to the park, on vacation, or around the house.  My children immediately integrated their other toys, including their children’s yoga mat,  into dramatic play with our MobileHome. [Read more…]