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American Chemical Industry Blocks Senate Vote to Ban BPA

Photo:  Attribution Some rights reserved by nerissa’s ringAmerican Chemical Industry blocks Senate Amendment to S. 510 to ban BPA.

American Chemical Industry blocks Senate Amendment to S. 510 to ban BPA.

The Food Safety and Modernization Act (S. 510) has caused a lot of controversy.  The good news is that the Tester-Hagan Amendment (if approved) would address some of those concerns, like exempt some “farms that direct market a majority of the product to consumers to clarify that this includes sales made at farmers markets, community supported agriculture drop-off sites, roadside stands and other similar direct market venues”.  Although this amendment is being voted on currently, another positive amendment to S. 510, proposed by Senator Feinstein, has already been shut down by the American Chemical Industry’s powerful lobby.

Today the U.S. Senate failed to consider a ban on the toxic chemical bisphenol A, or BPA, in baby bottles and infant feeding cups. Senator Dianne Feinstein, D- Calif., planned to offer the ban as an amendment to the Food Safety Modernization Act. As recently as yesterday, there was enormous support for the amendment from both sides of the aisle, but intense lobbying at the 11th hour by the American Chemistry Council blocked its introduction.

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Save Money While Buying Organic

Buying organic is important. It’s healthier and supports small farmers. But let’s face it, buying organic can get pricey. I’ve learned a few tricks recently, which are allowing us to shave a bit off our grocery bill.

When it comes to organic dairy, make friends at the supermarket. A short conversation will leave you in the know regarding markdowns. I learned that our market slashes prices when dairy is five days prior to its sell by date. I also learned that these markdowns occur around 2pm daily. Now I hit the store in the late afternoon and check for future dates while I’m there so I know in advance when the new markdowns will arrive. Also, watch in store nutrition magazines and circular for coupons. I just found a $2.00 off 2 organic dairy items, when combined with our store markdowns, I can get two gallons of milk for $1.79 each!

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