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Family Games Night With Eco-Friendly Playing Cards

For some reason, when I think of products that need to ‘go green’, certain types of items tend to top the list.  Cleaning productsPlastic children’s toysPaint and building materials.  Baby suppliesFoodClothing.

Playing cards had not yet entered my mind.

So imagine my amused surprise the other day when, while shopping for a new deck of quality cards for bridge (my husband had even requested a plastic set), I stumbled across Bicycle‘s new (launched in 2008) line of Eco Edition Playing Cards.

While there is almost certainly a good level of bandwagon-jumping greenwashing going on here, there is still much good to say about these cards.  According to Bicycle:

Our playing cards are crafted from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminating glue and vegetable-based printing inks.  This pack of cards is recyclable.

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Earthopoly: An Eco-Friendly Toy for Green Kids

eco-friendly game EarthopolyReduce, recycle, rethink.

Solar power, wind power, carbon credits.

It’s not what you expect in a board game, but the eco-friendly game Earthopoly focuses on the environment, teaching kids to go green while playing a game.

Earthopoly is an eco-friendly toy educating kids about climate change, conservation, and taking care of the Earth. A take-off on the standard Monopoly (which is all about the money…) with an environmental focus, children collect carbon credits and trade them in for clean air, increasing property values through recycling and reducing.

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Sometimes Ya Gotta Giggle

 Let’s face it, dealing with heavy issues like global warming can get depressing.  It takes a cartoonist like Denis Thomopoulos to help us find our funny bones again! Bookmark Hippoworks and visit it often!  You and your kids will come to love the characters and appreciate the way Thomopoulos slips in a bit of adult, snarky humor as he brings big issues down to kid level. 

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Green Family Values: Games That Teach About Endangered Animals

"Be a force of nature" is the motto of Xeko, a trading card game created by the Matter Group in collaboration with Conservation International. This eco-game asks children (and adults) to take on the critical mission of creating the strongest ecosystems in the threatened hotspots of our planet. By playing Xeko, children learn about the complexities of ecosystems while trying to save them.

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