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5 Green Products: Growums, Green Earth Technologies G Oil, Born Free, Bumbleride, SmartKlean

1. Children’s Stir-Fry Garden plus Free Access to an Interactive Gardening Website

Growums are little kits for that make it easy for children to have their own little gardens. The two kits we received are for a stir fry and herb garden.

“Hello, there! I’m Brok Lee. You might recognize me as the handsome vegetable found in many famous foods. My performance in the Growums Stir-Fry Garden is especially fantastic! My co-stars Bok Choy, Carin the carrot, and Sugar Snap & Sweet Pea can put on an award-worthy garden show for you. But eating healthy foods is no act! When you grow and eat vitamin-packed vegetables like us, you can perform your best, too!”

Although a seed pack costs less than these kits, my children always seem to fall for such marketing. I, on the other hand, get annoyed with cartoon characters of plants, as found on the website.  For some kids, they need such silliness to get them interested in growing their own gardens.

The Growums kits come with seeds and coco pellets.  I would rather my children learn to plant seeds in soil, as I have taught them.  Gardening is easy. Growing food is easy.  Kits may make them seem easy for children, but why not learn how to grow food in reality from the get go?

Would I buy this product? No.  I’d rather just give my children seeds and their own section of the garden. They don’t need an interactive website to learn about growing food. In fact, we head into the garden to simplify our lives and get away from technology.

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