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Eco – Friendly Garden Tips

As a society, we are aware of the different techniques we can use to ensure that our homes are eco-friendly and we are becoming more environmentally conscious all the time. However, we are not always as vigilant when it comes to looking after our gardens. From pesticides and … [Read more...]

The micro-small holding- how to transform your home into a homestead

The micro-small holding- how to transform your home into a homestead Being totally self-sufficient is an idea that occasionally grabs many of us - cutting free from it all, and bending ourselves only to the natural rhythms of the world. A chance to consign the complexities of … [Read more...]

5 Green Products: Growums, Green Earth Technologies G Oil, Born Free, Bumbleride, SmartKlean

1. Children's Stir-Fry Garden plus Free Access to an Interactive Gardening Website Growums are little kits for that make it easy for children to have their own little gardens. The two kits we received are for a stir fry and herb garden. "Hello, there! I'm Brok Lee. You might … [Read more...]

NHS Doctors Prescribe Garden Therapy to Treat Depression

During times of distraught and depression, I always prescribe myself either a long hike with some steep inclines or garden therapy.  There is something about tending to living plants, pulling weeds, and getting the garden in order that soothes the emotions and restores a sense of … [Read more...]

5 Green Products: Bamboo Lunch Bag to Let's Go Green I Love Trucks Activity Book

1.  100% Bamboo Lunch Bag I've tried out a lot of eco-friendly lunch bags over the course of reviewing products. I liked laptop lunches initially, but over the years I have found the space limiting and the plastic annoying.  My favorite bag thus far has been by Cool Tote, as it … [Read more...]

Earth Day Celebrates its 40th Anniversary on April 22, 2010!

Editor's note:  The following is a guest post by the Earth Day Network in celebration of the 40th anniversary!  "Earth Day Network was founded on the premise that all people, regardless of race, gender, income, or geography, have a moral right to a healthy, sustainable … [Read more...]

White House School Garden Project: Open Letter to the New Mom-in-Chief

Editor's note: The following post was originally published by OnEarth. I felt it was such a wonderful suggestion and fits right in with the idea of Michael Pollan to turn the White House lawn into an organic farm, that I asked to republish it on Eco Child's Play. Dear Ms. … [Read more...]

Daily Tip: Efficient Watering With a Garden Timer

To follow up on Amy's enlightening tip on lawn watering yesterday, the most efficient and reliable method I have found for watering is a garden timer. If you live in the arid west or a drought region, regular watering is a must for your garden or lawn. A garden timer, available … [Read more...]