5 Green Products: ReUseThisBag, Naturopathica, Farmer Jason, Baby Gourmet, Attached

1. ReUseThisBag.com

I am finally in the habit of taking my reusable bags in every store, not just the grocery store! It was one of my “eco-sins” for awhile, as I could never remember them, but I finally have a system.

They key to remembering to use reusable bags is to have plenty of them! We were just sent a great bag by ReUseThisBag.com . The bag is very sturdy and washable.

Here’s my system for remembering my bags:

  1. Keep plenty of bags in the car at all times.
  2. If you forget to bring a bag in a store, you either have to go back to the car or simply carry your goods out in the cart or by hand.
  3. When you bring your bags inside the house, put them in the laundry to be washed.
  4. Have a large basket by the door where you keep the clean bags.
  5. When headed to the car, restock your supply.

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