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5 “Eco-Friendly” Products: SnackTime Survival Kit, Aubrey Organics, Maple Landmark Wooden Vehicles, Ice Pop Joy, & HappySqueeze/HappyMorning

1. The SnackTime Survival Kit

Is your child overweight or constantly bugging you for snacks? Then this product may be for you.

The SnackTime Survival Kit gives children control over their own snack choices, and by keeping an eye on the clocks, they gain control over their own snack times. Each SnackTime Survival Kit contains a wooden clock board and a deck of 33 fun, easy and delicious snack cards. Beautifully crafted to appeal to both children and parents, the wooden clock board is a whimsical and colorful wall-mounted clock that contains 1 large working clock and 3 small faux display clocks – with moveable hands to set snack times and a hook to hold the cards in place. Each morning, kids choose up to 3 snacks from the deck, parents set the snack times, hang the cards on the hooks – and the rest is up to the kids. The SnackTime Survival Kit can be played as a daily game with toddlers and preschool children. The object of the game? To wait until the clocks match up before asking for a snack. Only the winners get to move on to the “snack-tivity” – and helping Mom make their own snack.

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Summer Cool: Homemade Frozen Pops and Flavor Infused Water

Our kids will go through ice pops like water in the summer… well, let me restate that, they will eat as many as I will let them regardless of the weather outside.

During the hot days of summer, I want them to stay hydrated and I also want them to get good nutrition.  We are drinking lots of flavor infused water and gobbling up all kinds of frozen creations.

We like commercial molds because they contain all the necessary pieces and use a smaller space in the freezer.  However, ice cube trays & cups work well also.  For reusable “sticks” opt for plastic spoons or other easy to clean item.  We go through about 24 a day so I just toss things into the blender until its full, leftovers can be a nighttime snack!

Make a bunch every night, this is a good post dinner/before bed activity.   The kids love to choose the ingredients and help mix everything up.  There are a few simple ways to go about this…

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