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Oh Man Was I Wrong

I agonized over writing a review of Eco Store’s Dishwashing Soap.

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My 42 cent Soapbox is Sky High

I. Hate. Paper. Mail.

I don’t dislike it, I detest it. I don’t need yet another bill from AT&T to sit on my desk. I pay it all online anyhow. I’ve signed up for internet only billing with a few companies, but for some I’m so panicked about not receiving the email (think mortgage) that I really want it sent to my physical address.

I’ve eliminated some of the obvious junk with 41Pounds, but there’s got to be a way for me to still get traditional mail without the 42 dollar footprint (no that’s not a typo), well, someone had the idea to stop fighting the postal system and migrate to a virtual mailbox.

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Passive Aggressive Notes to My Husband for Valentine's Day

Dear Husband,

I know it’s difficult being married to me. I won’t eat fast food, partially hydrogenated anything, red dye or any other Frankenfood. A box of chocolates will just send me into orbit because of the high fructose corn syrup and cut flowers leaves me cold.

I did make a few itsy, bitsy requests of you last week. But really, Valentine’s Day is like my Superbowl, and I’m getting all excited about it.

Darlin’ I want a dog. Yeah, I know, no dogs because puppies keep you up all night, pee all over the carpet and gnaw at the kids’ toys.

Guess what? I can totally fix that. I want Jimmy! Jimmy is potty trained and little (doesn’t eat much), he’ll occupy the right side of my lap (I’ve got one for the left), he doesn’t shed AND I doubt he has many teeth left. [Read more…]

I Hate Writing a Negative Review

But here goes.

I was sent a sample of Eco Store’s Automatic Dishwashing Soap, and I almost fell over when the box arrived. Peanuts, it was packed to the brim in packing peanuts.

I don’t even know what to say. I was (and am) startled that a company who wanted to be sustainable would ship in a packaging that will outlast my Great Grandchildren. What’s worse is this.

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An Open Letter To My Husband On Valentines Day

Thank you Darling,

The last 13 years have been wonderful. I’ve had necklaces in champagne glasses, a proposal on Wesminster Bridge and gourmet dinners lovingly prepared when we lived on love (because we sure as heck weren’t living on money).

This year Valentine’s Day will be on a Saturday. I think we all know what that means.

This year Valentine’s Day is about all four of us being together. We’ll bake something pink and do a pomegrantine lemonade.

But darlin’ you’ve still got to pony up with some gifts. Here’s what I’m demanding I’d really like. [Read more…]

The Crafters are Organizing and they are Furious: CPSIA Backlash

When I think of crafters, I imagine women of a certain age with sensible shoes sitting in wallpapered living rooms. They have a crochet needle in one hand and a cat rubbing at their ankle.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission probably thinks the same way. But wait, they’ll change their tune.

Come Wednesday, the US will see crafters differently. Crafters are coming together on Wednesday and for a blog-in to talk to the CPSIA about the negative ramifications of a new law that’s scheduled to be enacted on February 10th. Forbes has great coverage.

The law can be read here, and I’m a little concerned. I like resale shops, I don’t want to see them legislated out of business. [Read more…]

Breaking News: Processed Food Kills… More

A quick good morning from New York City.

I noticed that the headlines are 2 face death over China poison milk scandal, wow, who will face death over our very own melamine scandal? Okay, not death, but will anyone be held accountable?

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Another Urgent Health Alert: Toss The Keebler Cookies

Five adults have died with salmonella infection and Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) may be the cause of the outbreak.

Kudos to Kellogs for preemptively pulling their cookies from the shelves. Yeah, I said that, Kellogs, pimpmaster of all things packaged,  high fructose, genetically modified, partially hydrogenated, frankenfood. Yeah, they’re doing the right thing.

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Cheating My Way Through Parties

I love to entertain.

Who doesn’t love a party? I’m having an Inauguration Watching party at my house next week. I planned on ten attending because everyone is so busy and whatnot, right?


Everyone is going to work late. Everyone will be here. Everyone will be hungry.

Excuse me a moment while I freak out! I’ve got service for 15, how am I supposed to have an oatmeal bar without bowls? It’s my secret weapon, and if you promise to keep it a secret, I’ll let you in on it.

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Last Minute Gifts: Downloads for a Merry Christmas

Gratitude GamesLast week I told you about a great last minute gift my Mom is giving the kids.

Tonight, it’s Christmas Eve and I need a gift for tomorrow. Since I’d rather show up empty handed than with a cheap bit of plastic bought off a street corner, I did a little research and came up with a fantastic gift for everyone from 3 to 99 years old.

The Gratitude Game.

It’s a quick and easy download

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I'm Not Trying To Turn My Husband Into A Sex Object

It just sorta happened…

We’re planning a trip to the Rockies in a few days, and I needed to get my husband something to keep his naughty bits warm. Long underwear are great, but when you’re from LA your jeans aren’t bought with long underwear in mind, and they just won’t fit comfortably.

I stumbled upon Christopher Anthony’s site.

As a youth, Christopher often bought thermal underwear to create his own custom, warm boxers. So when that first chilly Chicago day arrived, Christopher went to the local department store to once again buy his reliable, warm and comfortable thermal long johns.  As he had always done as a child, he cut the legs off, instantly turning them into boxer briefs.  This exact moment would soon change his life. He realized this childhood creation would transform the current men’s wear trends.

He has an organic line of men’s boxers that are made much like thermals called Toasty Boys. (nice adult photos after the jump)

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The Perfect Last minute gift: Courtesy of My Mom

Typically I’m here as a Mommy Blogger. It’s a title that makes some cringe, but I embrace it. I have kids, I’m raising them, it’s the most important job I’ll ever have, therefore I’m a Mommy Blogger. Today I’m here to talk about my mom.

I woke up to this email

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More Blood on Walmarts Hands: Did they think we wouldn't notice?

I don’t hate Sam Walton, I don’t hate jobbers or discounts or international trade. I don’t even hate many lawyers. I hate when corporations jump through hoops to set up faux social media (social media includes listening) in order to reach out to everywoman and then they trample us.


There is only one thing for Walmart to do at this point in time.


There’s a dead man and his father had to bury him. Yes, a father buried a son so that someone could get a flat screen TV, cheap. Rather than apologize Walmart has just today taken this off their website.

Just to be sure that search engines pick this up properly, let me give you the text.


Bring a buddy!!! If you guys think you can do this alone, think again people! These shoppers are die hard and they’ll run you over like there’s no tomorrow! The more you have, the better!

This comes from Kim at Hormone Colored Days. Naturally the mom who had originally posted it come through with a thoughtful comment.

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BarterQuest is in Beta: Regifting gets organized

This morning I found a great new website (well, new to me), called Barter Quest. It’s in beta, which means that it might have a few kinks to work out, but it’s amazing.

Simply put, you take that hideous gift Aunt Sally sent an item that you no longer want/need and put it up for trade. Then you search for another item that you actually need or want. www.BarterQuest.com

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