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Two Green Books: Not Just For Parents

I just finished reading The Mom's Guide to Growing Your Family Green. I've got one word for you. Yipee! Finally, there's a book for moms who are looking to go green that doesn't make them feel like a failure. I've always been pretty green. It was recent that I realized that … [Read more...]

Frito Lay Goes Green: No You Are Not Reading The Onion

I had to stop what I was doing this morning to write this post. The newswire came in with the headline FRITO-LAY SPRINTS AHEAD TO IMPROVE FUEL EFFICIENCY and I stifled a giggle. Then my blood boiled. Frito Lay thinks you are an idiot. Rather than traditional delivery … [Read more...]

Oh Man Was I Wrong

I agonized over writing a review of Eco Store's Dishwashing Soap. … [Read more...]

My 42 cent Soapbox is Sky High

I. Hate. Paper. Mail. I don't dislike it, I detest it. I don't need yet another bill from AT&T to sit on my desk. I pay it all online anyhow. I've signed up for internet only billing with a few companies, but for some I'm so panicked about not receiving the email (think … [Read more...]

Passive Aggressive Notes to My Husband for Valentine's Day

Dear Husband, I know it's difficult being married to me. I won't eat fast food, partially hydrogenated anything, red dye or any other Frankenfood. A box of chocolates will just send me into orbit because of the high fructose corn syrup and cut flowers leaves me cold. I did … [Read more...]

I Hate Writing a Negative Review

But here goes. I was sent a sample of Eco Store's Automatic Dishwashing Soap, and I almost fell over when the box arrived. Peanuts, it was packed to the brim in packing peanuts. I don't even know what to say. I was (and am) startled that a company who wanted to be … [Read more...]

An Open Letter To My Husband On Valentines Day

Thank you Darling, The last 13 years have been wonderful. I've had necklaces in champagne glasses, a proposal on Wesminster Bridge and gourmet dinners lovingly prepared when we lived on love (because we sure as heck weren't living on money). This year Valentine's Day will … [Read more...]

The Crafters are Organizing and they are Furious: CPSIA Backlash

When I think of crafters, I imagine women of a certain age with sensible shoes sitting in wallpapered living rooms. They have a crochet needle in one hand and a cat rubbing at their ankle. The Consumer Product Safety Commission probably thinks the same way. But wait, they'll … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Processed Food Kills… More

A quick good morning from New York City. I noticed that the headlines are 2 face death over China poison milk scandal, wow, who will face death over our very own melamine scandal? Okay, not death, but will anyone be held accountable? … [Read more...]

Another Urgent Health Alert: Toss The Keebler Cookies

Five adults have died with salmonella infection and Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) may be the cause of the outbreak. Kudos to Kellogs for preemptively pulling their cookies from the shelves. Yeah, I said that, Kellogs, pimpmaster of all things packaged,  high fructose, … [Read more...]

Cheating My Way Through Parties

I love to entertain. Who doesn't love a party? I'm having an Inauguration Watching party at my house next week. I planned on ten attending because everyone is so busy and whatnot, right? Wrong. Everyone is going to work late. Everyone will be here. Everyone will be … [Read more...]

Last Minute Gifts: Downloads for a Merry Christmas

Last week I told you about a great last minute gift my Mom is giving the kids. Tonight, it's Christmas Eve and I need a gift for tomorrow. Since I'd rather show up empty handed than with a cheap bit of plastic bought off a street corner, I did a little research and came up … [Read more...]