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Curbing Climate Change: What We Can Learn From Teenagers

German teens in Bonn in 1988.

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On Friday, as I was driving my gas guzzling 4WD shopping (I know, eco-hypocrite), I passed by a high school in town releasing students for the day. Looking at the school bus, pedestrians, cyclists, and cars packed with teenagers, I reminsiced what it was like to be that age when everyone didn’t own their own car and transportation was challenge.

I know what you are thinking, how could we learn anything from teenagers? The age where kids are obnoxious, think they know more than adults, commit serious fashion mistakes that they somehow think are cool, and oh yes, want to be with their friends more than their family. It is exactly this last item that we can learn from…avoiding reliance on their parents to usurp their independence makes them eco-friendly when it comes to transportation.

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