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How to Eat Green and Support Local Farmers at the Same Time

Support your local organic farmer!Eating green is tougher than it sounds. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of four and I upgraded to vegan status in late 2010, but there are still times when I feel that my efforts are inadequate. Sure, I buy local produce whenever I can, I recycle just about everything, and I try my best to implement eco-friendly strategies into my daily life, but am I really living up to my full potential as a supporter of the go-green movement? The more I think about it, the more I wonder…

Since I went vegan, my consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits has increased dramatically. I don’t want to be one of those “junk food vegans” who lives on potato chips and processed foods, so I now frequent the grocery store in my area about once a week in search of wholesome, organic veggies to cook with. Do you know how expensive and time consuming it is to find fresh, flavorful produce—let alone locally-grown produce—at a reasonable price each week? I was shocked when I sat down and calculated the totals.

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Fair Trade Justice With Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

I am NOT a coffee addict.

Am not.

But I dare say I might become one.

I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, but caffeine sometimes makes me edgy.  Though I have managed to mostly avoid the lure of Starbucks, I have been known to indulge in a white chocolate mocha at Second Cup, or a French Vanilla at Tim Horton’s… and don’t get me started about Iced Cappucino in the summer!!

Then I read 5 Ways to Green Your Coffee and I got the itch.

So I bought myself a french press and some fresh-ground, organic, Fair Trade coffee.  And I just had to share a little about the company behind my coffee.

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