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5 Green Products: Rock & Roll Playground, Organic Bamboo Baby Towel, Organic Tie Dye Chicken, Heart of Haiti, School Garden

1. Bathing in Grace Organic Bamboo Baby and Me Towel

Bamboo is well-known for its hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties, so it only makes sense that baby’s first towel should be made from organic bamboo. Not only is bamboo good for baby’s skin, it is good for the planet:

A grove of bamboo release 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. When you cut a tree down you will need to reseed/replant. It will take decades for a tree to reach its full maturity.

In contrast, when bamboo is cut down it is not destroyed and does not need to be replanted. Bamboo’s root system remains intact and entirely renewable and sustainable. The bamboo simply re-grows and can reach maturity in four years.

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Cute, Cuddly Maggie's Organic Stuffed Penguin Made From Fabric Scraps

Maggie\'s Organics penguin made from fabric scrapsI’ve long been a fan of Maggie’s Organics, and I lived in their tights when I was pregnant.  Now Maggie’s is venturing into stuffed animals.  Like their sock monkey, Maggie’s Organics Penguin is made from excess fabric and slight irregulars, including the hat made from tie dyed socks!  Unlike Mattel, that claimed Barbie was going green by making accessories from fabric scraps, I trust Maggie’s because they have always been a Fair Trade and organic company.

CONTENTS: Outside: made with 100% Organic Cotton. Filling: Post-industrial Polyester fiber (from mill scraps)

DESCRIPTION: The second stuffed animal in the Maggie’s Menagerie collection has come to life! Typically Penguins don classic black and white attire… but our Penguin has taken a walk on the wild side, sporting a colorful stocking cap made from our incredibly popular tie dye socks and legwarmers.
The animals are made from excess fabric and irregulars and stuffed with reclaimed polyester mill scrap. The Penguin’s embroidered eyes and securely sewn on hat make it safe for all ages.

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What's Santa Bringing: The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

If you are one of the millions of people around the globe celebrating Christmas this holiday season, you may be wondering what Santa is going to be filling stockings with.

Some people look for small gifts to put in stockings, while small in size they often aren’t small in price (jewelry, video games, gift cards). Others find stockings stuffed full of candy on Christmas morning.

The best gifts to fill a stocking with are small, fun and purposeful. To that end, we like to find: [Read more…]