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Kangaroo Mother Care: Skin to Skin Contact Saves Newborn Lives

It’s a very simple idea, and one that is intuitive to many mothers.  My midwives did it for me, and it felt very natural.  Kangaroo Mother Care is a USAID and Save the Children program that teachers mothers to place premature infants on their bare chests to act as a human incubator.  This program is saving lives and empowering women, and it’s good for all babies, not just preemies.

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Green Family Values: The Power of Youth to Change the World

While stumbling upon the web, I came across the inspiring story of Malawi youth William Kamkwamba on Inhabitat. With all the doom and gloom news of climate change, William Kamkwamba’s ingenuity demonstrates what one person can do to improve their life with green technology. The story also demystifies alternative energy as complex engineering that keeps many Americans from jumping into finding greener methods to power their homes.

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