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Beware! USDA Organic Baby Foods Contain GMO DHA and ARA

I am one of those consumers that assumes USDA certification means more than just growing foods without pesticides and herbicides. I assume that it includes ethical treatment of animals and zero genetically-modified organism (GMO) ingredients.  I know these assumptions are just that, and the latest news from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) confirms it.

There are frankenfoods in organic baby food!

The OCA explains:

In 2009, a front page Washington Post article,“Integrity of Federal ‘Organic’ Label Questioned.”explained how Martek Biosciences’ synthetic DHA and ARA ended up in organic infant formula. In 2006, National Organic Program staff told Martek that its synthetic DHA and ARA couldn’t be used in organic because they were synthetic and not on the National List. But, Martek’s lawyer, J. Friedman, was able to get their decision reversed by NOP director Barbara Robinson, with just a call and an email. He told the Washington Post, “I called Robinson up, I wrote an e-mail. It was a simple matter.”…

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