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Shame on you US! Paid Maternal Leave Around the World

maternal leave
Via: The New York Times

US Maternal Health is a Disgrace

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Moms' Height Affects Kids' Health

Here I am, 6 feet tall, and the only things I can reliably do with my height is bump my head and trip over my own feet. But now a new study shows that kids born to taller mamas may actually fare better. Who knew?

The US-run study was performed in India, where the average height for women is less than that of Westernized freaks like me women. Researchers found that across a sampling of households, including 50,000 children,

Children of mothers shorter than 4 foot 9 inches were 70 percent more likely to die by age 5 than those whose mothers were at least 5 foot 3 inches tall.

The average height for Indian women is 150 cm, or 4’11”. For women in the United States, the average height is 163.7 cm, or almost 5’4″.  So, Indian women just below average height had children with a higher infant mortality rate than taller women.

For my friends who I used as armrests when we were growing up are a little less that average in the height department, never fear. This isn’t a warning to women worldwide, researchers say.

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Permanent Genetic Changes Caused by Poor Nutrition in the Womb

Scientists at the University of Utah report that the genes of offspring are modified in the womb as a result of the mother’s diet, emphasizing that what the mother eats (or doesn’t eat) influences the health of the child throughout its life.

“The new ‘epigenetics’ has taught us how nature is changed by nurture. The jury’s in and, yes, expectant moms really are eating for two. This study shows not only that we need to address problems such as preeclampsia during pregnancy, but also that prenatal care is far more important than anyone could have imagined a decade ago.” – Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of FASEB Journal

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