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Disparity in Maternal Care: Medical Dictionary and Medicaid Should Expand to Include Home Birth

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Despite our wealth and advancement in medicine, maternity care in the United States, especially when it comes to labor and delivery, is far from perfect.  The situation worsens if you are African American and/or poor.

Medline Plus online medical dictionary defines “maternity” as, “a hospital facility designed for the care of women before and during childbirth and for the care of newborn babies”.

This definition fails to take into account the often safer, cheaper option of home birth under midwives’ care and needs revised, particularly considering the gross failures of our current maternity system to protect women of color. [Read more…]

Can the Financial Crisis Help Lower the C-Section Rate?

Money and C-sections. They go together like, uh–well, they don’t really go together. Unless you notice that cesareans cost a lot more than vaginal births. Add to that recovery time in the hospital for mama and babe, medications, and follow-up care, and you can almost hear the cha-ching!

Washington state has a new cost-cutting program that may also dramatically lower the rate of C-sections.

They’re going to start paying the same amount for an uncomplicated C-section as they do for a vaginal birth.

And because C-sections in that state cost on average $5000 more than vaginal births, this will help make sure the motive for the surgery–the most common in the United States besides circumcision–are the best interests of the patient.

We are choosing to improve quality mostly by using carrots rather than sticks.


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