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Making a Microwave Free Home a Reality

In the early 1980’s, my family and those of my aunts and uncles were all gifted with a fabulous new device by our loving Grandparents… the Microwave Oven.  I remember all the excitement as the women enjoyed visions of faster meal preparation.  We took that ugly, brown box with an orange push button, and a turn dial home and plugged it right in.  Our family has been slowing dieing from enjoying microwaved foods since.

Until now. A few months ago we decided to ditch the microwave.  It was a decision that I thought would be difficult although we only used it to boil water, pop corn and rarely to reheat leftovers.  My husband was all “we don’t need a microwave, we never use it anyway.”  Since then, I’ve become more anti-microwave and he’s wondering if we do need one. But, we’ve discovered that its not all that difficult to live without.  (Stay with us after the jump for tips on unchaining your home from the microwave.) [Read more…]