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Guest Post: Out with the old, in with the new – your wardrobe choices matter to the planet

Photo:  Attribution Some rights reserved by Lara604Consider the environmental impact of your wardrobe

Consider the environmental impact of your wardrobe

Glitzy, fun and ephemeral, nothing shrieks ‘disposable culture’ quite as much as the world of haute couture; its ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ mentality has pretty neatly stitched up the selling of clothes, from the catwalk, all the way down to the clothes store. But for most of us, packing into the malls for the latest seasonal bargains, fashion is fun and exciting, throwing a little sparkle into our lives. [Read more…]

Green Family Values: Silk, the Best Natural Fabric for Your Child's Imagination

With the explosion of toy recalls lately and information regarding the dangers of plastic toys, families are searching out safe, green toy alternatives. Previously, I wrote about Plan Toys rubber wood toys, which provide children with sustainably harvested toys; however, children need soft, cuddly play items, too. Silk scarves and dress-up clothes provide children with safe, natural toys that expand their imagination.

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