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5 Green Gifts: Can We Save the Tiger, Scholastic Storybook Treasures, Innobaby, Rain Tees, & Fair Trade Chocolate

1. Can We Save the Tiger?

I am in love with Can We Save the Tiger? by Martin Jenkins. The illustrations by Vicky White are top notch! Amazing compositions and detail, that is what attracts me to this book so much. The text is filled with informative, yet developmentally appropriate information about endangered and extinct species.

Tigers are pretty special — and so are ground iguanas and partula snails and even white-rumped vultures. But these and many other animals are in danger of disappearing altogether, joining the dodo, the marsupial wolf, the great auk, and countless other animals we will never see again. Using the experiences of a few endangered species as examples, Martin Jenkins highlights the ways human behavior can either threaten or conserve the amazing animals that share our planet. Vicky White’s stunning portraits of rare creatures offer a glimpse of nature’s grace and beauty — and give us a powerful reason to preserve it.

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Scholastic Story Book Treasures: North Star & More Stories About Following Your Dreams

There are a few things I like about Scholastic Storybook Treasures:

  • You can have the text displayed on the screen highlighting each word as it is read
  • It reminds me of Reading Rainbow, in that the actual book illustrations are used to create each story
  • The choice of stories is usually very good

What I don’t like about these DVDs is I fear that parents may think that they can replace actual reading to their children by playing a DVD.  Nothing can replace shared reading between an adult and a child!  That being said, I did show this DVD recently while substitute teaching to fill in the gaps of time while I cleaned up art projects.

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