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Breastfeeding Experience from A Green Girl and First Time Mom


When I became pregnant with Layla, the first decision as a mother was to breastfeed. With the information we have now about the benefits of breastfeeding, not only healthwise but environmentally; it was an obvious choice to make. Besides how hard could it be? I was lucky to have friends as well as in laws who decided that breast milk was best, so I had examples to follow from. But anyone who has attempted breastfeeding can attest; It is one to to learn about breastfeeding. It is another to actually attempt it.

I didn’t realize how difficult and challenging breastfeeding could be. Although I took breastfeeding class, read tons of books, and even had lactation consultants help me at my hospital stay; it was an uphill battle from the start. I could see why so many women would feel discouraged and give up. From bleeding nipples to engorged breasts; there’s a lot of unpleasantness associated with it in the beginning, but what you don’t realize is that if you keep up with it; It DOES get better.  The reward comes when your baby looks up at you with that content smile and knowing that you are giving the best source of nutrient possible. It is truly all worth it. [Read more…]