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Pesticides Permeate Children's Pee

366437759_d08875c812.jpgOnly mothers can sit around talking about their children’s diapers and toilet learning behaviors in “normal” conversation. Now they can add the presence of pesticides in their children’s eliminations to their discussions.

A new, peer-reviewed study has found in children’s urine and saliva organophosphates, a family of pesticides spawned by the creation nerve-gas in WWII. How did it get there? Conventionally grown food.

The study was conducted for a year on Mercer Island, Washington, involving 21 children from ages three to eleven. Amazingly, once the children switched to eating only organically-grown food, the presence of pesticides was eliminated from their body fluids in eight to 36 hours. Principal author of the study and Emory University professor Chensheng Lu explains:

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