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How to teach your kids about solar power

How to teach your kids about solar power It’s simple to teach kids about things that matter if you find the subjects that naturally fascinate them, and solar power is an exciting topic for kids. They enjoy hearing about how our biggest and most powerful star makes more energy … [Read more...]

Un-Analytics: How Google Went Solar

Un-Analytics: How Google Went Solar by Dan Auld September 8, 2011 Google loves talking about world before analytics -- when web owners knew almost nothing about their sites. Nothing useful, anyway. That all changed when a new technology came along that allowed web … [Read more...]

My Small Town Could Become The Solar Energy Capitol

According to the title of an article published in The City of Lancaster's Outlook (Fall 2009) magazine "The Future Looks Bright for Solar Power in Lancaster". My small town,  all 475,000 of us, are at the forefront of solar energy! On August 5, 2009, eSolar unveiled the 5 MW … [Read more...]

Growing Up Green: How To Raise an Eco-Aware Child

For parents committed to green living and environmental concsiousness, the greatest gift we can bestow upon our children -- and to the world in which we live -- is the spirit, passion and commitment to keeping our planet flourishing.  We all want to ensure that our children are … [Read more...]

Tip o' the Day: Clean the Lint Trap on Your Dryer and Save Energy!

There as many ways to save energy when washing your clothes, and many of these topics have already been discussed on Green Options. Energy Star washing machines and dryers are more efficient and often use less water. In fact, our front-loading Maytag Neptune uses less power … [Read more...]