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PipoPipo: Super Cute Eco-Friendly Socks for Infants

Screen shot 2013-02-13 at 6.44.39 AMAre you looking for a unique baby shower gift? pipopipo Friends Bamboo Infant Socks are super cute and eco-friendly!

  • Rayon Made from Earth Friendly Sustainable Bamboo
  • Non-Slip Foot Treads
  • Child Safe Materials
  • Reusable Bamboo Package
  • Made from Sustainable Raw Material

These socks are so darn cute, I can see them being a problem for an infant to keep on. They would be excellent for entertaining baby lying on her back reaching for her socks. My babies did this baby yoga anyway to pull off their socks, and they didn’t have cute little critters on them.

As far as bamboo being an eco-friendly fabric, I think the verdict is still out on that one. Unfortunately, strong chemical solvents are used to make fabric from this grass.

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More Barbie Greenwashing: Sustainable Dream Home


Yes, I played with Barbies as a child, even though it is one of my favorite toys to bash on Eco Child’s Play.  Of course, having the dolls was not enough…we needed accessories!  My sister had the Barbie Corvette, and I had the Barbie Swimming Pool.  I still remember its toxic vinyl smell.  One thing we always coveted but never owned was a Barbie Dream Home.

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10 Things To Reduce Your Child's Carbon Footprint

Baby_inGrass_2_300As my wife and I were already consciously evolving our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, it is only natural that such efforts would be carried over to raising our daughter, Anjali. Taking steps to change our habits and routines was, and is, never easy. Changing such things always involves contemplation, research, motivation and implementation. For us, the contemplation and motivation is generally there already. Implementation is usually easy once the research is done. The research, however, can be time consuming.

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Sustainable, Organic Nusery Decor by Amenity

Amenity organic nursery decorAmenity, well know for their modern organic living interior design products, has created a line of delightful organic nursery products.

A child’s genuine comfort and a parent’s peace of mind guides our careful selection of the purest organic elements that form this collection: bumpers filled with organic wool, lovable blankets of breathable organic percale and supremely cozy organic fleece, all printed with certified organic dyes.

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The Earth Friends: Heirloom Quality Eco Dolls

The other day while I was in the Whole Foods market, I came across this doll collection called The Earth Friends. They caught my attention as I was perusing their gifts section for our baby boy, Clark, who is on the way. These dolls are way eco cute. I snapped a photo of them and had to do some more investigating about The Earth Friends when I returned home.

The Earth Friends are made up of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and hemp. Their clothes are a combination of organic and recycled cotton. They’re stuffing is made from recycled plastic containers. You can hand wash them and their clothing is machine washable on gentle cycle. They come complete with a back pack that has a Hope Tree Planting Kit inside. The planting kit contains Douglas Fir seeds, a magic grow pellet made from responsibly harvested coconut coir and planting instructions.

The packaging their displayed in is made from the concept using the three R’s. The box is only as big as the doll, converts into a hanger for their clothes, and is made from 100% post consumer waste recycled cardboard. The Earth Friends are a group of nine boys and girls. Each doll has a name as well as an astrological sign along with a birth date. Which makes them unique.

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Grass-Fed Beef for the Conscientious Carnivore

Eco-activists often insist that vegetarianism is the only truly earth-friendly diet for humans.  On the other hand, there are many people, honestly trying to live as green as possible, who are not yet ready to take that step completely.  Others of us find that we are just not healthy without some animal protein in our diet, and that there is some logic to the argument than humans are biologically omnivorous.

If you are a meat-eater, whatever your personal reasons may be, the problem still remains — the beef industry is a nightmare.  From enormous factory farms raising animals in horrific conditions, to growth hormones interfering with our bodies, to mad cow disease resulting from herbivores being fed ground-up brains of their kin, to the ecological devastation…  We simply cannot allow ourselves to support this industry by buying its products.

So what is the conscientious carnivore to do?

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Wooden Fairy Dolls from The Fairy Ring

Fairy DollsNatural dolls are almost impossible to find in conventional stores. Most dolls you can get at big box stores are made of plastic with phthalates and PVC. Cloth dolls can be found at specialty stores but they can be very expensive. Getting quality, natural, safe dolls for your little ones can be a tall order if you are on a budget.

Recently my little girl fell in love with small wooden fairy dolls from an etsy seller, The Fairy Ring. These dolls are simple, adorable, and very stimulating as far as creative play is concerned. Upon getting her first fairy doll, which she decided to name “Jewel”, she insisted on having more right away and they have been with her constantly ever since. When she takes a shower they hang on the shower door. When she goes to sleep at night they are held lovingly in her hand. Her dreams are now filled with fairies.

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Book Review (1 of 7): Gaia Girls – Enter the Earth

Gaia Girls Enter the Earth coverFinding fiction to enjoy has aways been a challenge for me. Thankfully, that issue didn’t arise while I was reading the first book of Lee Welles’ Gaia Girls series titled Enter the Earth. (Full disclosure: Lee Welles writes for this blog, but I was assigned to review her books before she came on board.) The premise of her series, listed as for ages 9 and up, is as follows:

What would you do if you could hear the Earth asking for help? In the Gaia Girls book series, that is what happens to four girls, each from a different region of the world. They are approached by Gaia, the living organism of the Earth. Each is endowed with powers over one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. They must learn to use their powers to help Gaia survive the effects of modern humanity.

The first book centers around a girl named Elizabeth Angier and one very eventful summer at her family farm in New York state. She and the family’s undeniably lovable dog Maizey take on a big business factory farming operation that is trying to buy up all the farms in her town. On top of that, her best friend is moving not only out of town but out of state to Florida. Just as her troubles start to reach their boiling point, Elizabeth is greeted by an eager otter named Gaia who will change her world forever.

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