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Vegan Recipes: No Knead, Dutch Oven Bread

While drinking coffee at a friend’s house, I was offered a piece of toast. I declined until I was told the bread was homemade.  The bread was so delicious, I just had to have the recipe, especially when I heard it was “no knead” bread.

The key to this bread is the long period it rises, so as long as you plan ahead, this bread is super easy and super impressive!  It uses very little yeast.

No Knead, Vegan, Dutch Oven Bread

Combine in a large bowl:

  • 3 cups organic flour (I use 1/2 cup spelt to 2 1/2 cups unbleached white)
  • 1/4 teaspoon yeast
  • 1 3/4 teaspoons salt
  • 1 1/2 cups plus 2 Tablespoons of water

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How to Eat Green and Support Local Farmers at the Same Time

Support your local organic farmer!Eating green is tougher than it sounds. I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of four and I upgraded to vegan status in late 2010, but there are still times when I feel that my efforts are inadequate. Sure, I buy local produce whenever I can, I recycle just about everything, and I try my best to implement eco-friendly strategies into my daily life, but am I really living up to my full potential as a supporter of the go-green movement? The more I think about it, the more I wonder…

Since I went vegan, my consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits has increased dramatically. I don’t want to be one of those “junk food vegans” who lives on potato chips and processed foods, so I now frequent the grocery store in my area about once a week in search of wholesome, organic veggies to cook with. Do you know how expensive and time consuming it is to find fresh, flavorful produce—let alone locally-grown produce—at a reasonable price each week? I was shocked when I sat down and calculated the totals.

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Adventures in Slow Cooking: Vegetarian Split Pea or Lentil Soup Recipe

I got my partner a slow cooker for Christmas. I know that may not be the most romantic present (and he did get others), but he had mentioned a friend’s and thought it would be cool as we could cook without propane (remember we live off the grid).  I have made about a dozen recipes in our stoneware Crock-Pot, and by far, our favorite is this vegetarian soup recipe that can be made with either split peas or lentils and is equally delicious!

Vegetarian Split Pea or Lentil Soup

Add to your slow cooker the following ingredients in order, in layers:

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5 Classic Vegetarian Cookbooks for Green Family Meals

We have a lot of cookbooks; it’s a side effect of blogging.  When I reach onto the cookbook shelf, it is clear that some of the cookbooks are well-used and some have hardly been open. Some are falling apart, and some look brand new. Here’s a list of the five most worn, most loved vegetarian cookbooks in my kitchen.

Top 5 Classic Vegetarian Cookbooks for Green Family Meals

1. Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

No, it isn’t the esoteric, limited-audience work the title page suggests; it’s one of the most important cookbooks in years. The American-born Devi, who as the disciple and personal cook of an Indian spiritual leader spent eight years off and on travelling with him in India and elsewhere, has assembled about 500 detailed, carefully written recipes representing the vast range of Indian cooking styles. They provide excellent, workable versions of – among much else – Indian pancakes, flitters, dumplings, breads, cheese and yogurt dishes, and sweets and pastries. (American vegetarians should note that the recipes use no eggs.) Only a real hater of Indian flavors could fail to come away with ideas almost begging to be adopted in everyday use – say, spicy creamed spinach. There are attractive experiments with American ingredients like maple syrup and jicama as well as the dozens that must be sought in Indian stores. But the recipes pale in interest beside the vast amounts of information on ingredients, techniques, equipment, and critical culinary indefinables.

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5 Green Products: Bee All Natural, Purely Elizabeth, Bon Ami, Hefty Basics, Medela

1.  Bee All Natural Organic Baby Products:

I love featuring companies owned and operated by mothers.   Bee All Natural is a company that uses organic, natural ingredients to make gentle products for your baby (and you).  All of the ingredients are food grade, so you don’t have to worry if your child ingests a little by sucking on a hand or foot that has been rubbed in oil or body butter.

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Kid-Friendly Vegetarian Holiday Recipes: Basic Fresh Cranberry Sauce

Photo:  Attribution Some rights reserved by Half ChineseKids love fresh cranberry sauce!

Kids love fresh cranberry sauce!

As a child, I did not like cranberry sauce. It looked weird in its jellied can shape, and I just didn’t like the flavor. In contrast, my children love cranberry sauce! Freshly made is much preferred to organic canned, especially considering the BPA risk in tin cans. Here is a basic, simple recipe for cranberry sauce.  Remember to make this ahead of time, as it needs to chill for a few hours to thicken.

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5 Green Products: Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree, Nature’s Gate Holiday Gift Sets, and B Toy’s Eco-Friendly Packaging

1.  Recycled Cardboard Christmas Tree

When I was first approached about reviewing Cascade’s recycled cardboard tree, I was a bit reticent.  We have reviewed several cardboard playhouses before, and they usually end up in the recycling bin after a few months, as they are simply not sturdy. I anticipated this cardboard tree would be similar…disposable after one holiday season. I am pleased to report I was wrong.

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Does a Maternal Vegetarian Diet Cause Hypospadias?

Photo by avlxyzCan a maternal vegetarian diet cause birth defects?

Can a maternal vegetarian diet cause birth defects?

A recent comment to the post “Birth Defect Risk Increased by Mother’s High Fat Diet” prompted me to do a little research into the potential harm of a maternal vegetarian diet.  Jenny of The Nourished Kitchen, which features delicious recipes, wrote:

But, that’s not to say a diet in nutrient-dense, natural fats like raw butter would cause the same effects. Lack of retinol (vitamin A from animal sources) is implicated in congenital defects and a vegetarian diet is implicated in hypospadias in humans.

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Recipes for Kids: Organic Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate

Photo by rawheadrexMexican chocolate is easy for kids to make

Mexican chocolate is easy for kids to make

I remember as a child experimenting in the kitchen with recipes and concocting my own. It takes a special parent to allow children free reign in the kitchen, as the results can be disastrous, but the experimentation and wonderful ideas that result are worth the risk. My daughter loves to cook, and we have purchased several kids cookbooks for her.  One of her favorite recipes (and a family favorite too) is adapted from Handstand Kids.   I just love the fact that she can make this all by herself!

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5 Green Products: Organic Baby Powder to Holistic Moms Network Cookbook

organicbabypowder1. Naturity Organic Baby Massage Oil and Baby Powder

I’ve never discovered organic baby powder before, and although I didn’t use talc on my babies, I do use baby powder in stinky kids’ shoes sometimes. Actually, Naturity’s organic baby powder is not made from talc, but its main ingredient is arrowroot powder. In addition, Naturity’s organic baby massage oil is nut and wheat-free, and it is “designed to mirror baby’s natural sebum”.

At Naturity, we pride ourselves on the organic integrity of our products, which are comprised of 99-100% certified organic ingredients. The organic ingredient percentages for all products are listed on the front of all labels. Product ingredients are clearly listed on all containers as well as beside each product description on our website. We do not use any synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, additives, or fillers.  But we do use certified organic ingredients from sustainable providers.

Best of all, every single Naturity product has received a score of zero on the Environmental Working Group’s cosmetic database Skin Deep.

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No PhytoEstrogen: Organic, Worry-Free Beauty Products for Babies & Up

Original Sprout organic beauty productsOne of the perks of being a mommy blogger is getting great new organic beauty products to try on my family. We recently tested Original Sprout “Worry-Free Luxury” Natural & Organic Family Collection.  These products smell wonderful and are free of “added hormone disruptors, parabens, petroleum oils, phthalates, dioxanes from sulfates, formaldehyde, & propylene glycol.”

Do you know about PhytoEstrogens?  PhytoEstrogens are called “dietary estrogens“, because they come from food sources, such as soybeans. They are often promoted for consumption in menopausal women for bone density, but there is concern that over exposure to PhytoEstrogens increases the risk of breast cancer and causes fertility issues.  Original Sprout explains:

Working as estrogen mimics, phytoestrogens may either have the same effects as estrogen or block estrogen’s effects. Which effect the phytoestrogen produces can depend on the dose of the phytoestrogen. The phytoestrogen can act like estrogen at low doses but block estrogen at high doses. Estrogen activates a family of proteins called estrogen receptors. Recent studies have shown that phytoestrogens interact more with some members of the estrogen receptor family, but more information is needed about how these receptors work, especially in breast cancer. Finally, phytoestrogens acting as estrogen mimics may affect the production and/or the breakdown of estrogen by the body, as well as the levels of estrogen carried in the bloodstream.

Phytoestrogens – acting differently from estrogen – may affect communication pathways between cells, prevent the formation of blood vessels to tumors or alter processes involved in the processing of DNA for cell multiplication. Which of these effects occur is unknown. It is very possible that more than one of them may be working. Also, the effects in various parts of the body may be different. from Phytoestrogens and Breast Cancer.

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Vegan Recipes: Quick and Easy Organic Chocolate Chip Pecan Muffins

My kids love to make muffins, and one of their favorite vegan recipes is for chocolate chip muffins. We like to put a special dash of bran on the bottom and a dash of coconut on top for an extra treat.  If you’ve never tried chocolate chips in a muffin, you will be pleasantly surprised!  These muffins are quick and easy to make, but be warned:  they will be eaten up quickly! [Read more…]

Meal Planning for Part-Time Vegetarians

For almost two years we’ve been eating vegetarian or vegan twice a week and seafood twice a week. I guess you could consider us part-time vegetarians. Eating this way keeps us from overloading our diets with too much meat or dairy and cuts down on our grocery bill. It forces us to eat more fresh produce and to shop locally so the produce actually has flavor.

It is extremely eco-friendly to eat vegetarian twice a week; eating meat takes a toll on the environment big time. The beef, poultry and pork industrial farms notoriously contribute to water pollution, use large amounts of fossil fuels and generate prodigious amounts of greenhouse gases. The United Nations has actually issued a call for citizens of the world to go vegetarian one day a week to curb global warming.

My girls love fresh veggies and fruit on their own, but I also like to puree it and add it to other meals. I’m not trying to hide it but it’s another great way to add more essential vitamins to their diet. When my girls were babies I made their baby food and always used organic ingredients. Their teeth came in quickly and they moved onto solids sooner than later, so both times I ended up with extra bags of frozen cubed baby food. I started adding the pureed butternut squash into their grilled cheese for lunch and whole grain pancakes for breakfast. During that time two cookbooks were released dedicated to adding pureed fruits and veggies to favorite recipes!

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Meat Makes Groggy Sperm

Think a romantic meal of beef tenderloin with a side of potatoes sounds delicious? Maybe with a nice Bordeaux?  Perhaps it does (especially if it’s grass-fed beef!), but it may decrease your chances of conception.

A new study shows that men who want to be fathers should increase their intake of fruits and veggies and decrease their consumption of fatty foods like red meat and creamy dishes.

Men who ate healthy diets not only had faster sperm, they had more sperm in their semen. It was both a quality and quantity effect.

Dr. Jaime Mendiola of the University of Murcia, Spain said of his research:

In this study, we have found that people who consume more fruits and vegetables are ingesting more anti-oxidants and this is the important point.

We saw that, among the couples with fertility problems coming to the clinic, the men with good semen quality ate more vegetables and fruit than those men with low seminal quality.

There are obviously many factors that influence fertility, and this is only one.

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