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Mothers Against Fracking

Fracking sounds like such a dirty word, and it is.  I don’t want my kids using it.  Even though it is not a curse word, it is one of the dirtiest words I know literally!

What is fracking?  It’s not the latest teenage slang word; it describes a mining process that is polluting our earth and making people sick.  Food & Water Watch explains:

To frack an oil or gas well, a massive volume of water, sand, and chemicals is injected underground at high pressure to break up rock formations, allowing oil or gas to flow up the well.

Fracking threatens the air we breathe, the water we drink, the communities we love, and the climate on which we depend.

Mothers are rallying against this horrible practice!  In fact, they are outraged the practice is considered for use around schools, let alone their homes.  Food & Water Watch explains and asks you to take action!

Mothers in the community of Erie, Colorado, are working desperately to stop a giant oil and gas company from fracking next to their kids’ elementary school. They’ve asked Encana, a giant oil and gas company, to abandon this one well and protect their children, but the company refuses.

Fracking is associated with increased truck traffic, dangerous chemicals as well as air and water contamination. It’s hard to believe Encana would even consider fracking near an elementary school – worse, its hard to believe that regulatory systems in Colorado have failed to prevent this from happening. And yet, Encana has gone through all of the proper channels and has the green light to start fracking on May 26th.

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7-Year-Old Vermont Girl Dies After Flu Vaccine.


Image by Sanofi Pasteur via Flickr

It’s a parents worse nightmare to have your child to have a child injured or die from a vaccination.  It’s one of those situation where you want a do over.  If you could just go back in time.

Pressured by public health to do what is right and protect your child from preventable diseases, parents’ hearts have been broken over and over again as children develop autism or other disabilities as a result.

Even those incidents are relatively rare, except perhaps for autism, they happen to families.  Even though the link between autism and vaccinations has not been proven, parents know.  The same holds true for a tragedy involving the flu vaccination in Vermont.

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5 “Eco-Friendly” Products: SnackTime Survival Kit, Aubrey Organics, Maple Landmark Wooden Vehicles, Ice Pop Joy, & HappySqueeze/HappyMorning

1. The SnackTime Survival Kit

Is your child overweight or constantly bugging you for snacks? Then this product may be for you.

The SnackTime Survival Kit gives children control over their own snack choices, and by keeping an eye on the clocks, they gain control over their own snack times. Each SnackTime Survival Kit contains a wooden clock board and a deck of 33 fun, easy and delicious snack cards. Beautifully crafted to appeal to both children and parents, the wooden clock board is a whimsical and colorful wall-mounted clock that contains 1 large working clock and 3 small faux display clocks – with moveable hands to set snack times and a hook to hold the cards in place. Each morning, kids choose up to 3 snacks from the deck, parents set the snack times, hang the cards on the hooks – and the rest is up to the kids. The SnackTime Survival Kit can be played as a daily game with toddlers and preschool children. The object of the game? To wait until the clocks match up before asking for a snack. Only the winners get to move on to the “snack-tivity” – and helping Mom make their own snack.

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2 Green Products: Organic Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee to Healthy Baby, Happy Home

greenmountaincoffee1. Organic, Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee

I could not survive motherhood without coffee! In fact today, I treated myself to a rare afternoon cup. Green Mountain Coffee is one of my favorite brewers. We were sent a fair trade sampler that included:

The Ethiopian is my favorite, as I have grown to appreciate a lighter roast as I age. Purchasing fair trade coffee is really important, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere where it cannot be grown. Coffee is something that causes me to break my locavore commitments.

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