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Mothers Against Fracking

Fracking sounds like such a dirty word, and it is.  I don't want my kids using it.  Even though it is not a curse word, it is one of the dirtiest words I know literally! What is fracking?  It's not the latest teenage slang word; it describes a mining process that is polluting … [Read more...]

7-Year-Old Vermont Girl Dies After Flu Vaccine.

It's a parents worse nightmare to have your child to have a child injured or die from a vaccination.  It's one of those situation where you want a do over.  If you could just go back in time. Pressured by public health to do what is right and protect your child from preventable … [Read more...]

5 “Eco-Friendly” Products: SnackTime Survival Kit, Aubrey Organics, Maple Landmark Wooden Vehicles, Ice Pop Joy, & HappySqueeze/HappyMorning

1. The SnackTime Survival Kit Is your child overweight or constantly bugging you for snacks? Then this product may be for you. The SnackTime Survival Kit gives children control over their own snack choices, and by keeping an eye on the clocks, they gain control over their own … [Read more...]

2 Green Products: Organic Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee to Healthy Baby, Happy Home

1. Organic, Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee I could not survive motherhood without coffee! In fact today, I treated myself to a rare afternoon cup. Green Mountain Coffee is one of my favorite brewers. We were sent a fair trade sampler that included: Organic Coffee … [Read more...]