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The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears Offers A Safer Vaccine Schedule

vaccine book

The big question for new parents was to either breastfeed or formula feed, but now a days with concern over side effects of vaccination and supposed link to autism; the bigger question remains, should you vaccinate your child? For some states such as Mississippi and West Virginia, there is no choice for parents to make, it’s a resounding yes. But over 20 states allow children to be unvaccinated and almost all states allow unvaccination for religious reasons.

With my concern over recent controversy of vaccines (especially MMR) being linked to autism, I ordered The Vaccine Book by Dr. Robert Sears. The book itself offer invaluable resource over each vaccination including:

  • How common or rate, as well as how serious, each disease is.
  • How each vaccine is made and what its ingredients are
  • Which ingredients are potentially controversial
  • Possible side effects
  • Which brand is considered the safest

Dr. Sears tries to offer a balanced approach and offers information that can be reassuring to concerned parents. It even offers a vaccination schedule that a very anti-vaccine parent might even consider. There is also an alternative (and perhaps even safer) vaccine schedule for parents who wants their child to be fully vaccinated but want to minimalize side effects and the risk. According to Dr Sears,

I have put together a vaccine schedule that gets children fully vaccinated, but does so in a way that minimizes the theotetical risk of vaccines. It’s the best of both worlds of disease prevention and safe vaccination.

  • The alternative suggests only one aluminum-containing vaccine during infant years
  • It gives no more than two vaccines at any one time to limit and spread out exposure to numerous chemicals and potential side effects
  • It starts out with most important vaccines, the ones that prevent the diseases that are most threatening to infants.
  • It delays shots for diseases that are usually fairly mild for infants
  • The book also addresses the issue is vaccination a social responsibility or personal choice? I really love the non-judgemental and almost impartial stance the book takes which allows the parents to make an informed decision that’s not colored by the authors objective. Just for the alternative vaccine schedule alone; I would highly recommend this book. The book is well medically researched but not so complicated that it would overwhelm a sleep deprived parents who are still concerned about the well-being of their newborn.

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    [This post was written by Susie Kim.]


    1. Hi—Susie:

      I see you got a new gig, nice. Eco Childs Play is a cool blog, Congrats!

      I’m childless, but surprisingly i get “Parent”, the mag at my house, someone must have sent me a freebie sub. (prolly my wacky sister) I do read it, and check out the articles from time to time.

      I see vaccinations are of concern, hmmm, havent really given it much thought, prior to now. I suppose research is key, as with all the other gazillion parenting decisions.

      Cool article, congrats again!


    2. Thank you so much for covering this. We just had a baby 1 week ago and rejected all of the vaccines at the hospital in hopes that we can do some research first. That’s easier said than done as I’m sure you know.

      This book (which I am going to buy, right now) should get us headed in the right direction. You just gained a new reader with this very helpful article.

    3. there is also good information and probably the most up to date on the ask dr sears website. the site specific to the book is


      i am just working my way through the book but agree with everything the author above had to say. dr. sears really lays the information out in a non biased, easy to understand format.

    4. I think each parent needs to look at all the information and then make their decision regarding vaccination. That is what I did with both my children when deciding about the MMR vaccine here in the UK. Some of my friends decided against the combined vaccine and some went to France to have the vaccines given separately to their kids. I think this book is a must to read for parents prior to deciding about vaccinations for their kids.


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