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Top 5 Cloth Grocery Bags: It's Easy and Fashionable to Say No to Paper & Plastic

Baggu BagOne of the easiest ways to lessen your carbon foot print is to switch to cloth grocery bags. Considering the BYOB approach (Bring Your Own Bag) isn’t as difficult as it sounds. The truth of the matter is, any tote bag that you have laying around will work well and when it comes to being truly eco-friendly, using something you already have, or making a bag from existing materials is always the best way to go.

However, some smart eco-friendly designers have created bags that will make your transition super easy. As a busy mom who’s already lugging a big diaper bag and two kids around, I’m happy to purchase new bags if I know that I’m actually going to use them. Like most folks, the idea of switching to cloth bags isn’t the problem; it’s remembering to bring them with you. The beauty of the new cloth grocery bags on the market is that they actually fit more than the ones you might have hidden in your closet. So, if you’re definitely looking for the convenience factor, consider my top 5 bag choices.

At Cool Mom Picks, I’ve had the pleasure of testing out some amazing cloth grocery bags, many of which are created by small companies who are truly dedicated to green-minded living. But, like most people, I’ve got my personal favorites.

5. Minus Bags are awesome cloth bags in bold colors that feature modern graphics. Snag them with longer handles or short ones, depending on your preference. ($16).

4. If you like to shake things up a bit, you might try Vancouver-based BYOB. They have a variety of styles, including a cool artist series, plus my favorite one that’s sure to turn heads. ($35 and up).

3. Skeeda makes great cloth totes that carry up to three bags of groceries in one bag. The long straps make them easy to carry over your shoulder and the fun fabrics make them decidedly un-totish. ($15).

2. Baggu Bags (pictured) are brightly colored, extremely cost effective, and ridiculously handy. ($22 for 3)

1. The Olive Smart Sack is actually six large bags that fit neatly into a handy sack that’s the size of a large travel coffee mug. I rarely use all the bags, but better, I’ve NEVER left home without them. Plus, people dole out compliments every time I pull them out of my bag ($39).

Feel free to leave your favorite bag choices in the comments.

[This post was written by Kristen Chase.]


  1. Ok, the bags are cute. Now how do we remember to take them to the store?

  2. Here’s one big vote for EnviroSax. I’ve walked home with about 50lbs of groceries in them. They’re indestructible!

  3. Yay! I am have been looking for some hip bags!

  4. I second Envirosax. I carried 15 library books in one bag using the bus 5-6 months pregnant. They are my all time favorite. Savior Bags are becoming my second.

    As for remembering to take them to the store, keep them in your car, I admit, we do forget them from time to time but for weekly grocery excursion, I remember to grab them.

  5. I have yet to forget the Olive Smart bags. I just make it a point to fold them up after I’m done and toss the sack back in my diaper bag.

    I had a terrible time remembering the other bags and the Olive Smart bags have really been my savior.

  6. After seeing Savior Bags on Jolly Green Girl’s site, I got some of my own (thanks for the heads-up JGG). I love to cook and so shopping for all the ingredients I need to prepare my favorite recipes is part of the experience. Having super cute canvas bags to put my ‘treasures’ in makes it even more special. With the rising cost of food, I always make a list – and stick to it. I read in a study done by the University of Arizona that Americans throw out 25% (or 470 pounds/year)of the produce they buy because it goes bad! My next investment is going to be reusable produce bags. In the meantime, I reuse the plastic produce bags from the grocery store. When I come home from the store, I take my fruits and vegetables out of the plastic bags and immediately put the empty plastic bags into my Savior Bags where they will be ready for reuse next time I go grocery shopping!

  7. well yeah the bags are soo cute and all but can we also use them as just normal bags and not grocery bags because what if there is a spill and the bag gets stained? why can’t we just use it as a normal carry around bag?

  8. I love cloth grocery bags too. I was so excited when I started making my own, that I gave them to everyone I knew. Then I started my shop on Etsy, selling cloth bags from recycled materials! I love the bags that you featured! Great finds.

  9. lionelstevenmaryhenrygeorgebelzeboob says:

    I reuse plastic bags for refuse, if they are prohibited, I’ll have to BUY them to put

    my waste in, so the problem will be the same, forbidding thin plastic bags is fine and dandy, but it’s only part of the solution, we should also find a non polluting way to pack our refuse .


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