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Green Halloween Costume Ideas for Busy Parents-

I must admit I get consumer google eyes around Halloween time. Those pre-made brand new costumes from Pottery Barn, Target, or any other retailer for babies and toddlers are tempting. They are cute. They require no sewing (yes, I have no skill in that department). But they are expensive and more of the consumer glut that I have a goal of avoiding (or at least limiting).

So, what does a non-crafty, super busy parent to do try and to have a Green Halloween?

*Think Simple: The costume does not have to be huge and extraordinary. Kids will just love dressing up. Find your dress up bin, or old clothes bin, and see what you have.

A wand, poofy skirt, and a leotard? You have a fairy. Just add some sort of crown (throw colorful ribbon on a headband–even I can do this!), sparkles in her hair, and layers of frothy, gauzy, magical clothes. Do you have a hardhat, tool belt and a small toy tool? There’s your builder. Grab a striped shirt, eye patch, and make a hook out of foil for your little pirate. Check out what already exists in your house. Better yet, do it with your child and have them pick out what they want to be. The ideas are endless.

*If you really want a snazzy costume, visit your local consignment stores. They are full of costumes right now, and that is where I have gotten a few of ours. Then, you can store them in the costume bin for use afterward and possibly by a younger sibling in the years to come. Instant reuse!

*Feeling Creative? Use household materials like big boxes, old clothes, and fabric to create your costume. Who doesn’t remember being a big box robot? I loved that costume when I was little, especially making it myself.

*Talk to your friends, you might be able to trade costumes from different ages and sizes.

So there is no need to spend money and increase consumerism this year, despite what the ads say. You can reuse and find an adorable costume for your little one, and you don’t have to be gifted with a sense of craftiness, either.

Image: One of my little fairies


  1. Great Article. I put my costume together with stuff I found at a consignment store and it ended up costume me under $20.

  2. Have you seen http://www.greenhalloween.org?

    It’s a great resource for parents. We use the site all year long b/c the ideas can be used for birthdays, Christmas, etc.

  3. Thanks Dalia and Lindsey! I’ll check out green halloween, too.

  4. LisaBrenChris says:

    Getting costumes at resale shops is what we did. Hey, they’ve been worn maybe once, and the ones we found were of good quality, and often in the original packaging. Since some of the accessories they come with are…cheesy, we grabbed some “real” accessories and gave them some flair. BWT, I found lots more good ideas from this article by some thrift store chain called value village. http://newsinfusion.com/video_details.php?videoId=235Anyone been to or heard of value village? There aren’t any around us.


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