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The Greenest Home Cleaner: Simply Water (and E-Cloth)

E-cloth microfiber cleans your whole house with only water!I’ve been poor, dirt poor, caretaking a small cabin in the woods working on a basil farm.  During these slim economic times, I discovered that water, just water, was an effective cleaner.  Now that I am a little more affluent and have stainless steel appliances, water is once again my favorite cleaning product!  But what about the smears….enter E-cloth!

Jessica has already shared with our readers her love affair with microfiber, and I have to agree I’m in love with E-cloths.

E-cloth® uses microfiber technology to pull and capture dirt, dust, grease, oil and more from hard surfaces without the need for chemicals.   Perfect to have on hand in the kitchen to clean in between courses.  E-cloth® is made to clean hard surfaces from kitchen countertops to wood shelves to stainless steel appliances and glass (leaving no discoloration, streaks or smudges) all without a single chemical cleaner.  Specially cut fibers utilize pure tap water to clean at the microbial level, saving your family from having to choose between a dirty home and harmful chemicals.

Besides eliminating the expense and need of cleaning products and paper towels, using just water to clean is the healthiest choice for your family and the environment (and it really works!)

Old habits die hard, but cleaning with chemicals is one of those habits we can change.  Many cleaning chemicals leave dangerous residues, so, by using E-cloths with just water, you can significantly reduce the amount of chemicals in our environment.

Health risks are significantly reduced for people with chemical sensitivities, allergies, respiratory ailments, auto-immune deficiencies or susceptible gropups like the elderly, children, or expectant mothers.

The only drawbacks to E-cloths is they are made of synthetic fibers. I am not sure of the environmental impact of polyester and polyamide (a nylon by-product), but I suspect it is not too good.  The reusuable nature of E-cloths and the elimination of household cleaners may offset the synthetic fiber production in the long run.


  1. We’ve been thinking of adding this to our line of products, so I was interested to read your review. Glad to see it is getting favorable feedback.

  2. e-cloth ® microfiber, along with other high quality microfiber, can be recycled! There is no downside. :0)

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