Daily Grace: The beauty of the earth

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. Rachel Carson

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This is your brain on princess [video]

This is your brain on engineering. Any questions?

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Terra Blues: Potato Chips Made from Naturally Blue Potatoes

When I was a child, you never saw a blue potato in the grocery store, let alone a blue potato chip!

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Sustainable Earth by Staples: Kitchen Paper Products & Cleaning Supplies

Green Seal Certified, No New Trees Harvested, 100% Recycled, No Chlorine Bleaching

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Keep germs off your toothbrush: IntelliDent Toothbrush Shield

Studies show that an exposed toothbrush is subjected to multiple airborne and surface microbes.

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The ADHD Explosion: Myths, Medication, Money, and Today’s Push for Performance

Complicating matters is that genetic vulnerability to ADHD may be triggered by such toxic exposures.    

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Yuzen monthly subscription or gift boxes

Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Yuzen Subscription and Gift Boxes: Send you a little Zen

Each box has the very best eco-conscious products to nourish the body and soul.

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Yes, There’s Roundup in your Breast milk!

There is currently no regulatory limit for the amount of glyphosate in breast milk anywhere in the world.

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This Book was a Tree

Ideas, Adventures, and Inspiration for Rediscovering the Natural World

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics: Teas for Mama and Body Wash for Baby

Earth Mama believes in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature.

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May we open to grace: Hafiz

The beauty of You delights me. The sight of You amazes me.

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May we open to grace: Tibetan Book of the Dead

O Nobly Born, O you of glorious origins, remember your radiant true nature, the essence of mind. Trust it. Return to it. It is home.

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May we open to grace: Kobayashi Issa

Dew Evaporates And all our world is dew…so dear, So fresh, so fleeting Kobayashi Issa

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Why you should never put your baby in a walker, swing, or jump up

Research has found these devices prevent the core torso strength necessary for walking to develop

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