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Eco Kids' Clothes: Wrap Your Little One in Nature's Luxury with Bambino Bamboo

It is so heartening to see the growing availability and market for eco kids’ clothes. These clothes have become quite stylish over the last several years and are made from organic cotton and bamboo. The eco benefits of bamboo clothing are sometimes debated, but you can’t deny that there are many environmental and health benefits of this grass. Bamboo clothing is softer than cotton, is grown organically, is uv-resistant, adjusts to body temperatures, etc.

Bambino is a company making organic baby clothing from bamboo and cotton. These clothes are super cute and stylish. My favorite item is the Mao Mummy Pyjamas. These jammies are made from woven bamboo that is soft and has a nice texture. This product definitely matches Bambino’s mission of:

Using eco-innovation to deliver stylish and luxurious baby clothes in fun and inspiring colors, we like to keep things simple by avoiding big logos and branding.

I like to keep things simple by avoiding big brands too, and the more I read about this company’s philosophy, the more I fall in love with their products. [Read more…]