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5 Green Products: FairyTale Organic Plush to Sniffle Buddies

small-knit-abigail1.  FairyTale Knit Collection Organic Plus

Available from Essere Organics, this adorable collection of organic plush is truly natural. Made from certified organic cotton and an eco-friendly natural dye process, these are toys you will not worry about harming your child, besides they are truly delightful.   Made by miYim, I really like the organic FairyTale knit collection.

Fairytale Knit Collection characters are soft and naturally colored with embroidered details and natural unprocessed/unbleached cotton filling. Three distinctive characters create the Fariytale knit collection. Pick up your favorite: Baby Victoria Bunny, Baby George Monkey, and Baby Abigail Bear. It’s all in the ingredients! The miYim process is the secret to creating our charming colors. When woven, the cotton is allowed to retain its natural form untreated, unbleached, and unprocessed. It is dyed using only all-natural ingredients derived from nature’s plants and minerals. miYim is water-washed, clean and pure combined to form the world’s first all-natural children’s toy.

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Have You Given Your Kid a Formaldehyde Bath Yet?

Is this duck taking a formaldehyde bath?They’re at it again.  The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics – the same organization that warned about lead in your lipstick – has set its sights on baby bath products.  Their new report, No More Toxic Tub, found carcinogens in top-selling baby bath products, like formaldehyde (the same stuff that caused the FEMA trailer health debacle) and 1,4 dioxane.  So, while you’re ridding your kid’s toy chest of plastics and throwing out your teen’s hormonally challenging eye shadow, don’t forget to take a close look at your bubble bath.  You can find information on hundreds of common products through The Environmental Working Group at www.cosmeticsdatabase.com.

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Baby Essentials That Aren't, Part 5: Baby Bathtubs

Open any pregnancy or baby book, and you’ll find that list: the baby essentials, the things you absolutely cannot live without.  While many accessories are easily recognized as frivolous, certain items are truly indispensable: the basic necessities for life with a baby.

Or are they?

In this weekly series, we’ll be looking at several baby essentials that really aren’t.  They may be useful in certain situations, but if money or space is tight, or if you’re just looking to simplify and reduce consumerism and waste, here’s how to get along just fine without these so-called “essentials.

In Part 1, we questioned the crib.   Part 2 bemoaned the bucket.  Part 3 scrutinized the stroller.  Part 4 ditched the diapers.  This week, let’s scrub the tub! [Read more…]

A Different Kind of Bath Safety

Marketing claims using “natural” and “baby” accompany potentially hazardous ingredients on the labelNo doubt as a parent you’ve witnessed some odd behavior from your toddler. Things like running naked after the cat brandishing salad tongs, eating miscellaneous crusty items off the kitchen floor (but refusing good food at dinner), and even drinking her own bathwater — in great big gulps, soap and all.

While I can take a reasonable guess at what was on the kitchen floor, the actual ingredients in that soapy water were a bit of a shock. An article from the Cox New Service published early in 2007 reported that up to 57 percent of all baby soaps may contain a suspected carcinogen, 1,4-dioxane. [Read more…]