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More Benefits of Breastfeeding: Fewer Behavior Problems

A new study has got me thinking of my experiences as a teacher.  How long did those disruptive children breastfeed for and is their a causal link?

According to researchers at Oxford University, children who are breastfed at least four months experience less behavior problems at age five.

Science Daily reports on the study published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood:

‘We found that children who were breastfed for at least four months were less likely to have behavioural problems at age 5,’ says Maria Quigley.

‘However, that observation might not have been the direct result of breastfeeding — it could have been down to a number of factors,’ she explains. ‘As a group, mothers who breastfed for four months were very different socially to those who formula fed. They were more likely to be older, better educated and in a higher socio-economic position, on average.

‘Having controlled for these and other differences between the groups, we found there was still a 30% lower risk of behaviour problems associated with prolonged breastfeeding.’

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"Selfish Parents" are Screwing Up Kids, Says British Study

A 3-year study focusing on 35,000 children, parents and professionals, claims British children are less happy than those in almost any other developed country.

The aggressive pursuit of individual success by adults today is the greatest threat to our children….There is unease about the unprecedented speed with which children’s lives are changing; the commercial pressures they face; the violence they are exposed to; the rising stresses of school; the increased emotional distress they feel.

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