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Green, Eco-Friendly Toys: Once Upon a Treehouse

The story behind Once Upon a Treehouse reminds me of my own childhood.  Started  by two sisters who recalled their childhood wooden dollhouse built by their grandfather, I recall the beautiful dollhouse my grandfather built for my sister, which I coveted.  Not many grandfathers … [Read more...]

What Do Girls Really Think of Barbie?

We all have our opinions about Barbie!  Some people adore this icon of American toys; some people blame the doll for distorting our perception of the ideal beauty resulting in 32,000 boob jobs a month.  We know Barbie is guilty of greenwashing and that she is toxic, but what do … [Read more...]

Sustainable Designer Loomstate Creates One-of-a -Kind Eco-Friendly Barbie

In honor of Fashion's Night Out, eco-designer Loomstate created an "eco-fashionista" Barbie to be auctioned off for charity.  Ecouterre explains: It’s no secret that Barbie is an unrepentant shopaholic, so we weren’t surprised to find her all over Fashion’s Night Out in New York … [Read more...]

The Perfect Organic Doll for Your Child

My daughter didn't get her first doll until she was about two-years-old, as I intended to raise her as gender neutral as possible and wanted to avoid the plastic baby/Barbie doll phenomena. My intentions were thrown out the window when I realized she was naturally a "girly" girl, … [Read more...]