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Green, Eco-Friendly Toys: Once Upon a Treehouse

Eco-friendly dollThe story behind Once Upon a Treehouse reminds me of my own childhood.  Started  by two sisters who recalled their childhood wooden dollhouse built by their grandfather, I recall the beautiful dollhouse my grandfather built for my sister, which I coveted.  Not many grandfathers today are building wooden dollhouses, so we need eco-friendly, fair trade committed companies like Once Upon a Treehouse to provide this classic toy for this generation.

We were sent a Petunia doll to play with:

  • Petunia wears her black hair braided with a pretty pink ribbon. She is dressed in pink leggings, floral tunic accented with a pink belt.
  • 4” high
  • All dolls are eco-friendly having cotton faces & hands, wool hair, wooden feet and heads stuffed with wool. No plastic is used.
  • All faces are hand painted, so no doll is exactly alike.
  • Recommended for 3+ yrs
  • Handmade in Latvia, Europe

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What Do Girls Really Think of Barbie?

We all have our opinions about Barbie!  Some people adore this icon of American toys; some people blame the doll for distorting our perception of the ideal beauty resulting in 32,000 boob jobs a month.

 We know Barbie is guilty of greenwashing and that she is toxic, but what do the little girls that play with her really think?

Discovery News reports:

Surprisingly little research has been done specifically on girls’ opinions of Barbie dolls; indeed, researchers Tara Kuther and Erin McDonald note in their article “Early Adolescents’ Experiences with, and Views of, Barbie” (Adolescence, Vol. 39, No. 153) that “the extant literature about Barbie dolls tends to be opinionated and based on essays and popular media articles” instead of science or evidence-based research…

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Sustainable Designer Loomstate Creates One-of-a -Kind Eco-Friendly Barbie

In honor of Fashion’s Night Out, eco-designer Loomstate created an “eco-fashionista” Barbie to be auctioned off for charity.  Ecouterre explains:

It’s no secret that Barbie is an unrepentant shopaholic, so we weren’t surprised to find her all over Fashion’s Night Out in New York City. Still, the plastic bombshell took time out from her jam-packed schedule to don one of our favorite sustainable designers, although you won’t find this special-edition “Loomstate Barbie” on store shelves anytime soon. Loomstate dressed but a single doll in miniaturized versions of its “Abenaki” sweater and “Shkani” short, and she’s available only on the auction block for a starting bid of $500.

Loomstate is an organic and sustainable designer concerned with issues such as “using socially and environmentally responsible methods of production”.  Obviously, Mattel did not have a hand in the creation of this doll nor shares these concerns.

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The Perfect Organic Doll for Your Child

f086596a9cf8c3f94ab33fedb2a62018image299x300.jpgMy daughter didn’t get her first doll until she was about two-years-old, as I intended to raise her as gender neutral as possible and wanted to avoid the plastic baby/Barbie doll phenomena. My intentions were thrown out the window when I realized she was naturally a “girly” girl, and I discovered Waldorf dolls.  I hunted for a doll that would match my green values and still please her. I wish I would have found the organic Bamboletta Doll available from Natural Pod.

Bamboletta dolls are handmade by a stay at home mama in Cobble hill, BC, Canada. Bamboletta means “little doll” in Italian, which is what the dolls’ creator Christina Platt’s father nicknamed her as a child. She creates her handmade dolls from organic cotton, carded locally sourced lamb’s wool, and natural fabrics. Some dolls take up to 18 hours to complete.

Safely secured inside the tummy of each one of our dolls are three crystals – quartz, fluorite and carnelian – placed there to help produce a calming and grounding effect upon children. They are fashioned with serenely neutral facial expressions that encourage children to engage in open play, reflecting back to the child whatever emotion is timely and appropriate, whether happy, sad, or somewhere between. [Read more…]