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8 Ways Neuroscience Supports Natural Parenting

Photo:  Attribution Some rights reserved by BlatantNews.comNeuroscience supports natural parenting

Neuroscience supports natural parenting

Last Thursday, I attended a conference on Teaching Children with Developmental Disabilities to Speak:  Current Research and Best Practices in San Francisco.  I was enthralled when Martha Burns, Ph.D spoke on neuroscience, as she supported my green mama rants.  From eating organic food to getting kids outside, I thought the neuroscientists had been reading this blog! (or more likely I am reading the neuroscientists).

I am thrilled to see science proving what natural parents know instinctually.  Here is a summary of what I learned from the conference that supports natural parenting with links to past Eco Child’s Play posts on the subjects:

  1. Exercise builds neurons:  Just an hour a day of light exercise builds neurons in humans of any age.  Children need to be outside.  Schools need to maintain recess and physical education programs.  After school, children need to run around outside and play. [Read more…]