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Happy New Year! Top 10 Posts of 2011

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Holiday Gift Picks: Best eReader for Kids

I have to admit, I was an eReader skeptic, I guess I still am when it comes to myself. I just can’t give up the paper and print of a book.  My ten-year-old daughter, however, is an eReader lover!

We’ve tried out the Apple iPad and the Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader .  If you are looking for a great eReader for your kids, the Kindle is my recommendation.

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Best eReader for Kids Update: Kindle Beats iPad and Nook

My daughter is a reader!  She amazes me.  She loves her eReader, as well as paper books.  The eReader is convenient for buying new books, and it doesn’t take up much space on her overflowing bookshelf. Without a library within 100 miles of our home, the eReader is the best solution for keeping her turning pages.

Eight months ago, I shared with your our experiences with eReaders.  At that time, her Kindle was new. As promised, here is an update on our eReader experiences.

As mentioned previously, our experience with the first generation Nook was terrible.  The device was extremely buggy, troublesome, and difficult to get to work as designed.  It broke just two weeks after the warranty expired, and Barnes and Noble would not help us.  Obviously, we did not purchase a new one; it was too great of a risk to try a newer generation Nook.  Maybe we got a lemon, maybe we should have purchased an extended warranty…it doesn’t matter.  Our Nook experience sucked, and we almost gave up on eReaders!

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What is the Best eReader for Your Child? iPad, Nook, or Kindle

Buyers Beware: Do NOT buy a NOOK!

Buyers Beware: Do NOT buy a NOOK!

Last year for Christmas, my daughter (then eight-years-0ld) received an eReader from her grandparents.  At first, I was not sure how I felt about ebook readers in general, but my daughter, who had been an avid reader up until this point, had been lagging in the literacy department.  Her grandmother thought an eReader would be a great idea, and it was.  It was just what she needed to spark her interest in reading again.  In the course of a year, my daughter read over 100 books on her eReader, that is, until it died this weekend.  This post is motivated by that experience.

Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader DO NOT BUY!

The Nook is the eReader my daughter was given.  From the get go, this eReader has been nothing but trouble.  It required registration at a Barnes and Noble store in order to be used, which is a 2.5 hour drive for us (B & N has since corrected this problem).  It repeatedly got stuck and had to be restored to factory defaults.  Quite often, books purchased on the Nook would not open and had to be sideloaded. This is a work around Nook users have come to think of as normal, if you read the forums, but I still find unacceptable.

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