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Islington to use Solar Panels to bring jobs and cut fuel bills

Islington to use Solar Panels to bring jobs and cut fuel bills.

To help save tenants and leaseholders money, every council estate in Islington, London will install solar panels after the go-ahead was announced. The rooftops will see photovoltaic (PV) installed, on council property for a 25 year period.

This however means that they seek a partner to help finance the costs, but they will receive a share of the money, made from the power, once they have been installed.

Councillor – Paul Smith (Labour) said, “The partnership will work by generating electricity to cut service charges for residents, raising money to tackle fuel poverty and making homes cheaper to heat.”

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Fair Trade Justice With Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

I am NOT a coffee addict.

Am not.

But I dare say I might become one.

I do enjoy a good cup of coffee, but caffeine sometimes makes me edgy.  Though I have managed to mostly avoid the lure of Starbucks, I have been known to indulge in a white chocolate mocha at Second Cup, or a French Vanilla at Tim Horton’s… and don’t get me started about Iced Cappucino in the summer!!

Then I read 5 Ways to Green Your Coffee and I got the itch.

So I bought myself a french press and some fresh-ground, organic, Fair Trade coffee.  And I just had to share a little about the company behind my coffee.

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