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Valentine’s Day Sweets: Gluten-Free Almond Sponge Cake Recipe

In effort to use up some eggs before they go bad, I decided to make sponge cake for the first time this weekend.  The first time I made it, I used regular unbleached organic white flour, and it turned out delicious. The second time I made it  gluten-free with organic quinoa … [Read more...]

Organic Snacks Kids Love: Nature’s Path Cereals and Bars

My family loves Nature's Path!  It is one of the health food companies that has avoided corporate takeover, thus I trust them!  Organic ingredients, many of them gluten-free, makes Nature's Path cereals and bars winners with my kids. We were sent samples of the following … [Read more...]

Organic Gluten-Free Dessert Recipe: No Bake Almond Butter Cookies

One of my favorite cookies when I was a child was no bake cookies, as my mom called them.  I've only made them once before, but this weekend when the oven was occupied drying tomatoes and we were craving sweets, it was time for no bake cookies!  I've updated the recipe to be … [Read more...]

5 Green Products: It’s a Jungle Out There!, Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain Granola, Sativa Bags Hemp Baby Changer Shoulder Bag, bamboobies, Coghlan’s Bug-Eye LED Headlight for Kids

1. It's a Jungle Out There!: 52 Nature Adventures for City Kids We all know children need to experience nature, but this can be a challenge if you live in the concrete jungle of a city. Author Jennifer Ward has found 52 "nature adventures" for urban dwellers. Just because you … [Read more...]