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Wooden Bulldozers, Trucks, Backhoes, etc.

Boys and girls alike love to play with heavy equipment toys. When I was a child, these toys were made mostly of metal, and you still see them around today rusting in second hand stores. Today, these same companies make bulldozers, backhoes, etc. out of plastic. Once again, I went in search of quality, wooden versions of these toys for my children and preschool classroom. Plan toys makes a nice version of a wooden bulldozer that comes with a wooden worker doll complete with a hard hat. The Guidecraft/Cito version is more expensive, but larger. It comes with a very basic wooden peg worker. Both toys are well made and durable. My favorite Cito vehicle is the log truck, and my favorite Plan Toys vehicle is the forklift. Between my home and preschool classroom, I have seen all of these vehicles in action.


  1. I would have to go with the Log trucks too but only when they are carrying a full load.

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